Races In Sweden - Jun 2005

Anyone know of any races in Sweden in June 2005 - trails or triathlons?


  • If you can visit Sweden 4 times during the year you could do the Swedish Classic? I have been thinking about it for a couple of years but have never done cross country skiing - but then how hard can it be?

    I can't remember the months it's held in, but you compete in 4 disciplines throughout the year:

    X Country Ski (Vasaloppet) 120km
    Swim 3km (I think)
    Cycle 300km
    X Country run 30km

    http://www.ensvenskklassiker.com/index.php?doc=14 will help if you can read Swedish, although there are a couple of English pages in there.
  • i'll be over for a wedding so I thought I may as well see what else is happening
  • I suspect the 300km cycle may be on at that time. No tri bars allowed.


    It's 300km around a lake, you start at intervals throughout the night (remember it's endless light at that time of year). If I only get over to do one event there next year this will be it.
  • That looks really cool - unfortunaly it is exactly the day of the wedding- what a bummer.

    if only my brother in law was getting amrried the day beforw I might have been able to wangle it.

    Need to find somethig for the weekend before or after -or maybe go climbing - never been to Sweden so I may as well make the most of it
  • Superdaz - don't under-estimate XC skiing. It's tough and a complete body workout. If you're skiing fast, your Vo2 and HR will jump to max in a very few minutes. I'm a fairly good skier but last time I did a ski marathon I had just about enough energy after the finish to crawl to the sauna.
  • It's our silver wedding anniversary in June and I've been looking for something special to celebrate it with. The 300km may possibly be it.
  • I believe it's one of those mass participation things rather than a race. Sounds like fun to me though.
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