Should we affiliate

Some comments on the Wolverton 5 threard abouut whether you can put URWFRC down as your team (of course) and whether you can pay the affiliated rather than unattached fee (no).

However it does raise the question whether we should seek to affiliate URWFRC. Anybody know what it takes, got any views, who started this club anyway ?


  • This issue has been raised and discussed at least twice and the concensus was no.
  • Our founders include Snicks (who badgered RW), Swiss Bobby (who runs the brilliant website), Dog Walker (who took over kit) and others who weighed in to get everything off the ground.

    Bizarre though it seems, this has only been going less than 6 months so whilst some bits feel like they've been here for ever we're still in very early days.
  • Being a memeber of a 1st & 2nd claim club already would mean that I could not be a member of a 3rd claim club.
    I quite like the way the URWFRC is at the mo'.
  • might improve access to flm entries though....
  • All,

    As OB says, this was debated at very great length fairly recently and the overwhelming majority felt we should not go down the route of affiliation. For those who didn't see it originally, I have bounced the relevant thread entitled 'So everyone sees this' up to the top again.

    As for entry forms, by all means put URWFRC down as your club, but make it clear that the club is NOT an affiliated one. Please do not try and claim reduced entry fees by using the name URWFRC because we are not an affiliated club.


  • A few more race meetings down the line and we might want to reconsider - we agreed that if we start going down the comittees route, might get a bit confusing/hassley. It's good to dip in and out of. I don't think it's off the agenda, though - and it's a good idea to enter teams into races as you're doing at Luton Paul
  • I'm confused.
  • You and me both Barkles.
  • Darling!!!!
  • Love you too!

    Hey - no two timing where's badger (and all her alias'?)
  • Still watching , beware Barkles!

    Joking aside, if you really want to us to be affilicated whos actually going to volunteer to put the hard work in. Enough said I reckon. Snicks you volunteering?
  • OK - what needs to be done?
  • Don't go there Fiona. Speak to DW he will put you straight on the the financial requirements. We'd need proper finances, comittees and god knows what else. This is a group of dedicated runners who for the most part will never meet. We are a virtual running club and probably all the better for it. The discussion has been raised many a time and the overall decision has always been no
  • So why carry on this discussion?

    Sorry, not meaning to be rude.
  • Good question its late. Not sure myself really, Snicks post has suprised me. She's one of the old guard and her arguement is a bit of a different slant for the usual line.

    Do you really want to talk about this now Fiona?
  • I was going to put no, but am very awake - bad blisters equal no running, no gym and no circuit training.

    If it is too late for you let me know.
  • Another time would be nice poppet. BTW don't trust that sweet talking Barkles, he's just too nice!

    Off to consider sleep and another kiddie. AHHHHHHH!

    Hope the blisters improve. Nursing at ITB myself. Will return to Bad Knees soon.

    Night night
  • Night, night to you.

    Hope that you sleep well, is this considering another kiddie or have you already started on this!!

  • See picture, 13 week scan today.

    Gone now

  • FionaH, that BK keeps trashing me, ignore him.

    Seriously, I like it the way it is, it works for me and I am proud to wear the team colours, the extra hassle wouldn't be worth it..
  • I agree with Barkles - lots of effort for very little benefit. What's the point? As far as I can see, it's working very nicely as it is.
  • I don't think there's any point affilating URWFRC due to its "non-physical" nature and the inherent looseness of its concept - all you have to do to be a member is get a vest, or even just post on here! :)

    We can still be proud of ourselves without the hassle of affilation. I've decided not to go down the affilation route with my running club at work for similar reasons (plus, they wouldn't like a club that wasn't open to the public).
  • Barkles, never will you the see the day when I trash you. Snogs!
  • I wish I had never asked !!

    OK so keep it informal but maybe enter the odd team when appropriate and motivated. I'll give you a race report after Luton and let you know how we go. I am a member of the Road Runners Club as well so affiliation isn't a problem for me either.

    DW saw your post and will read it and come back with some thoughts.
  • BK, no offence intended but I thought that was a picture of a Wellington Boot. I see now that it's a baby scan. Congrats from me!
  • Wellington Boot?
  • Cheers Neil. See you Sunday
  • Affiliate? Oh no! The 'U' in the name stands for 'Unofficial' and that's how I hope it stays, no tiresome committees, affiliation fees, club rules, etc.
    Just a loose (no slur intended!) connection of cyberspace friends with a common interest. Anything 'official' would completely remove the charms of logging on here.
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