Running websites have plenty of schedules for training for every conceivable distance.

But - how to train effectively if you're NOT aiming for a race in the short-medium term? What's the best way to just maintain fitness, to keep yourself ticking over (maybe improving slightly, but not peaking too soon) through the winter months before aiming for some 5-10K races next summer?

Should I follow the 4 sessions a week rule - long run, recovery, tempo and speed? This is pretty much what I'm doing at present.


  • If you get the chance you should do six weeks of aerobic running.
    This will give your body a chance to recover fully from any fatigue that it might be suffering. More importantly it "rewires" the cardio vascular system making it stronger and more efficient.
    All elites do this twice a year so it can't be bad.
    You'll come fitter, stronger and once you start speed traing again you'll smash existing PBs.
  • I'm sorry Pizza Man, obviously having a blonde moment but what do you mean - aerobic running - isn't all running aerobic?

    By the bye, don't know if you ever caught my thanks for the Bucks Fizz at Windsor. It was just what I needed. Never got to meet you but I like your style !!
  • daisy dog,
    some running is anaerobic-sprinting-5k interval training etc.

    All the running done that is fast and explosive is anaerobic and builds lactic acid much quicker in the muscles, which is why the pace is harder to maintain for longer than short bursts.

    Hope this helps.
  • Basicaly as Hilly says. The aerobic stuff is done at below 65% HR or your long run speed.
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