Sub 34 min. 10k?

Now then!
I would love some advice on how to run a sub 34 minute 10k. I've been running for about 6 months building up to about 25 miles a week. I attempt to get out about 4 times a week varying my speeds depending on what distance i'm running, though I don't do anything `specific` within my training. I've ran a few races recently -10k 34.59 and 5k 16.29. Can anyone give me a bit direction please - cheers!


  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Sub 35 mins on 25 miles a week after 6 months - bl**dy Hell. I think you should be giving us advice.

    I suspect you should carry on what you are doing, but just increase the mileage up to 45-50 miles a week, whilst keeping the same balance between aerobic conditioning and speed/enduramce work.

    When you get down to about 33:45, ask the question again, then you will need to consider both what your longer term
    objectives are, and then plan a structures training program over the same time period to achieve them.
  • Cheers Tom!
    Is there anything in particular that i can do as well as increasing the mileage? At the minute I'm basically running flat out one night then doing a slower run another night. This seems a little unimaginative!
  • Wow Gigsy, you are few seconds faster then me, though I have to run for a while and put in a lot of miles to get there. Can't say much regarding training, is really highly individual. Looks like you have very good natual speed. I would try to improve times over shorter distances (5k,3k,1.5k), maybe join a club, where you can try challenging faster runners!
  • Gigsy

    You don't play left wing for MUFC, by the sound of it you should. I run a decent 39.15 for 10k and I'm sure I can get it down to sub 39.
    I looked at the overall package, my times are coming down simply because I varied my training and I went into the gym on top of my mileage. . Perhaps you hit it on the head when you say I don't do anything specific. Controlled training and good advice is what you need.
    Anybody reading this thread will agree sub 34 is excellent and beyond many of us. I would love to achieve it and I will keep aiming at it and I'm 45 yrs next.

    take care

  • Gigsy, are you young since 16:30 5k would normally indicate a 34:00 10k with decent endurance?

    I quite like Tulloh's schedules (you can find them in his book Running is Easy) and they used to be regularly featured in RW.

    If I was coaching someone with your target I would start with a weekly pattern something like this:

    Sunday - Long steady run - start with what your current longest run is, and add 5 minutes a week up to 90 mins.
    Monday - Rest
    Tuesday - Endurance Rep Session
    Wednesday - Easy Run (30 - 45 mins as you feel)
    Thursday - Speed Rep Session / Short Hills
    Friday - Rest
    Saturday - Easy Run (as wed)

    Here are a few ideas for sessions (there are thousands of good ones)

    Endurance based:
    6 x 800m off 200m jog (progressing to 8 x 800 or 6 x 1000m)
    2 x 15 minutes at tempo pace

    Speed based:
    2 x (4 x 400m) with 200m between reps and a lap between sets. This can progress to 2 x 6, or 3 x 4.

    10-12 x 300m straight through off 100m jog.

    6 x 45 second hill with jog down recovery, then you can add more reps or extend the hill.

    All sessions should be proceded and followed by a couple of easy miles warm p / cool down. Above all, join a club. Tell us where you are based and someone is bound to have a suggestion for a training group or coach who can bring on your obvious talent. I never ran the sorts of times you have until I was doing 40+ miles a week over 5 days with regular sessions.
  • U should get yourself to a club, proberbilly Gateshead or Chester-le-street.
  • Good running so far Gigsy,
    As Tom.S has said I would probably increase you mileage to about 45/50 mpw, do it gradually though.
    You will see aerobic improvement and this will bring faster times.
  • Thanks for the advice folks! To answer MikeB`s question I'm 32, and I'll definitely give Mike`s suggested weekly pattern a whirl. I've got another 10k race in a fortnight - Is it too late to do anything that might have a positive effect?
  • Its certainly NOT too late to do something negative!

    Just don't over do it if you want to race well. If you're in 16:30 shape work out the splits for 34:00 and go off at this pace, and not a second faster. Even paced is the name of the game.
  • Gigsy, that's some natural ability you have there. It took me 4 years of running and 80mpw+ to get sub 34.

    Good advice on here - more miles - some speedwork, although not too much and have it structured like MikeB says. Definitely join a club where there are people of similar and better standard than you are.
  • Is it worth increasing my mileage so close to the race?
  • Not close to this race, but pick one out in maybe 10 weeks time and try to pick it up towards that one.
  • Barnsleyrunner, there is a 10k that I've got penciled in for early Sept. Then after that is the GNR a couple of weeks after. I presume that the training for 10k will be adequate enough for a decent time for the GNR?
  • Gigsy, I'd up the length of the longer runs in the next phase. Up to about 1hr 40. What sort of time are you looking for at GNR?
  • 1.18 hopefully!
  • Gigsy,

    Get thee to a coach if you're really serious about running. (the problem is making sure you get a good one).

    As others have said, running those times off the little training you've done indicates some natural inclination - to the point where some very good times could be possible in the future.

    Not wanting to sound like a prophet of doom, your window for hitting your absolute lifetime potential probably doesn't extend beyond late 30s. So if you want to give yourself the chance of acheiving something really special, you haven't got too many years to mess around aimlessly.

    Having said that, enjoy your running and don't feel obliged to take seriously if you don't want to. And it is still possible to run very well beyond 40.

  • Gigsy

    As other people have said your time for 10k after 6 months is impressive stuff. I would just like to know:

    Do you do any other aerobic sports like cycling? and

    What were your first 10k times in training approximately?

    I guess there must be people out there who have the innate fitness to run say sub-40 on absolutely no training. Are you one of them?

    For the record, I have picked up my running a couple of times after a year or two lay-off and I can usually stumble around a 10k training route in around 41-42 (I'm 32 by the way).

    I started running last September and got down to a few seconds under 36 minutes after 4 months of 4 runs per week totalling 15mpw (with a couple of 30 min stationary bike workouts). Problem was all my sessions were at virtually race pace and I got a shin strain which took 5 very long months to go away and which stopped me running completely.

    Being able to build the training and improve your times without injury is part of being a good runner - and thats where I go wrong. I just get carried away by the fact that I don't find it difficult to go out and hammer every training session.
  • Wow, that time after only such a short time!
    Ive been running for just over two years and can only just do 34mins at my very best! lol

    I guess track work would be the next progression if your not already doing so.

    10x400m with 200 jog rec,
    15x200m with 200 jog rec
    5x1000m with 2-3mins recovery

    That kind of track session, maybe try running twice daily sometimes, it really improves the endurance in your legs.

    My other advice, if your Kent based and need a running club to join, then get yourself down to either Maidstone Harriers or Invicta East Kent!!! :)
  • Focus on your quality. I would aim to do 2 quality sessions per week, 2 40 minute recovery run and then an hour 1.20 at 6.30-7 minute mile pace. Good quality sessions include 3/4 x 1 mile. 6/8 x 800. mix it up, sometimes focus on pace doing 2.25 800 with 2 minute recovery. other times doing 233-35 with 1 min recovery. 


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Good advice Luke.

    This thread is 10 years old though.
  • Haha. Id had a few drinks last night and thought what the hell and ill throw my ten pence worth in. What a t#$t!!!!! 

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