Calling all Motorbike and Scooter Riders

It's summer, and folk tend to dress rather scantily under such circumstances. However, as a rider, please, please please, do not be tempted to leave your protective gear at home.

I've spent this afternoon doing a very, very close-up examination of Lower Addiscombe Road after some tit from the on-coming traffic decided to do a right turn just as I was crossing a junction!

Bike, leathers, helmet, gloves, all knackered, but I'm OK, though I do have a bit of a sore shoulder, but that's it! Had I been in jeans and jacket, I may have got away with mild skin abrasions, but my joints would have suffered. I won't even bother to explain what may have happened had I been in shorts and t-shirts!

Riders, and all that know them, it may be hot but your safety has to come first.


  • (((((((((((Multi))))))))) Hope your shoulder gets better soon xx
  • For all those that like to ride without protection

    Sorry to hear about that Multi, you get the other drivers details?
  • glad you're ok multi

    its a good job you always wear those shiny black leather disco trousers!
  • G'day guys, I sympathise with Multi . . . and echo the common sense advice.
    By the way - I've tried to upload a picture for my profile, which fits the specs suggested - yet it does'nt upload - any snippets of advice on this ?
  • they take a few days to get 'moderated' to make sure they aren't rude
  • oy Candy, I asked u last night about the R1, and you started on about IRONMAN!!
  • well we need to recruit more people for the trip to switzerland - i'm on a 10% commission from the campsite

    cant remember the outcome of the conversation, should we put you on the definite or the possible list??

    haven't had much chance to ride the darned thing this year yet, and i'll be busy for the next few weeks, but i'll get the thing out in august i tells ya
  • Thanx Candy ollier, I tried to upload mine so many timez - I hope I havent messed up (it's not rude anyway).
    I'm amazed that Yorkie RR etc. - the Roadrunner cartoon can move, with such a small size pic! Clever stuff I reckon.
  • MG - let u into a secret - i posted that avatar up before RW imposed the size limit, think mine is 2½ times the current limit

    Candy, not a chance!

    Donate the R1 to a worthy cause, like me, bikes like that like to be ridden :-)
  • sorry to hear you got slid down the road multi - hope you're back to 100% soon

    nasty shock i can imagine

    thanks for the heads-up on this...luckily girls know to always use protection

    candy, when you get your thing out, can i have a go of it?

    (strictly motorbike speaking)

  • :o(


  • Sorry to hear about your accident Multi, hope you feel better soon. My Dad gashed his leg open when he came off his bike a good 10 or more years ago and still has the scar - hate to think what would have happened had he not been wearing leathers, might not have a leg left!
  • ((multi))

    dont get me started on leather trousers on a Sunday morning!!

  • Glad you're ok Multi. You big girl's blouse.
  • Multi darling............only just read this.......need any bits rubbing better?????

  • OUCH !

    Glad to hear you're OK though. I'd stick to the Bianchi in future !
  • Glad your ok Multi
    when I take the bike out (its a Honda ST1100 ) the minimum I wear is a cordura jacket, gloves, boots and helmet.
    I see too many people riding scooters in skimpy clothing every day.
    picture the scene...attractive young girl wearing crop top, short skirt and sandals..looks nice.
    same girl with a crash helmet riding a scooter..still looks nice.

    same girl after being knocked off the scooter by a car driver that didnt see her...lots of bare skin making contact with the gravel at 30mph
    result... a not so pretty girl scarred for life on her arms, back and legs..can't wear a bikini or any of the skimpy clothes that she used to as the scar tissue is too ugly.
    This happened to a friends daughter in London.
    If any of you have family that go out on scooters 'underdressed' show them the scenes from the web address that Yorkieroad runner posted further up this thread and hopefully they will never suffer the pain and anguish my friends did while their daughter was in hospital.
  • you see so many people riding without gloves. my motorbike instructor when i did direct access showed me his hand, or rather his two-thirds-of-a-hand - he'd ground away the little finger and part of the palm during a spill on a short ride to the shops.
  • Yeah I totally agree Andy, was chatting to my Dad yesterday about motorbike accidents and he said one of the most common injuries is one caused by not wearing gloves, people just don't consider them all that important!

    Considering how little flesh you have on your hands it wouldn't take much to strip it *shudders*

    Speaking of injuries to hands, did anyone watch Top Gear last night with Ranulph Fiennes appearing as a guest? Firstly, what an amazingly inspirational man, but, how seriously hardcore do you have to be to go out to your garden shed and cut off your own fingers with a black and decker? Mind you he had suffered with frostbite for months and was in a lot of pain - but still...!
  • I did Tara - he is one of my heroes
    Amazing guy.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    owwww Multi - glad you are OK big fella.....

  • OOOOOooooooooooohh!

    Big virtual kiss to make it better.
  • Something similar happened to me at Elephant and Castle a few years back. Echo big time what Multi says - doesn't matter if your sweating buckets under the leathers - better some(thing) else's skin gets ripped to shreds on the tarmac than your's!

    Also, if your helmet hits the deck - bin it - even if it is your favourite Arai.

    Glad your ok Multi!
  • ((multi)) only just seen this... I'm glad to hear you are okay, but please all of you be careful out there when on your motorbikes, I lost a very good friend of mine to a car driver being careless.

    Tara - yes I saw that... urghh and amazing at the same time
  • What no Dodge talking about helmets & protection?

    And glad yer ok too multi.. yep leathers and skid-lid are a must.

    how's the bike?
  • Yeah hows the Bike mate, (did he say he was ok Mmmmm)


    Just kidding mate pleased your ok!!!!!!
  • Glad you're ok.
  • Glad your ok Multi
  • Oh Multi!

    Look after yourself
  • my first thoughts in the middle of my accident were, "F*CK THE BIKE, WHAT ABOUT THAT TELEGRAPH POLE!!!" Not very poetical, but i was put off by the smell of fear.

    Not put you off getting back on, i hope Multi.
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