Bit of a duffer

My user name is a bit boreing as you can see how do i change it to somthing a bit more exciting. Do i just go back to my details and change ist name 2nd name (sorry bit of a duffer got a headache getting this far)


  • Change it on details in the nickname section
    Click on my details top left corner:)
  • So who are you now Mr Skelton?
  • Ok guys (thanks for info benz) ive sat here for an hour many things have crossed the mind and been rejected wife and kids full of good ideas but nothing seemed to fit so in the end it was a close call between tuna man & the above.

    ps I think iam in the london marathon (Cheque cashed)
  • welcome DTT
    (you jammy devil!)
  • I knew your brother, Joe
  • Thanks chimp you just made me laugh out loud and helped bring back memories of Vanessa Paradis...Kylie's predecessor!
    Welcome DTT, guess your kids are more grown up than mine...please explain tuna man!
  • Hi BBB
    Tuna man was because i eat loads of the stuff over the course of a week. Tuna and sweetcorn sandwitches tunna salid tuna cassrole ect really good for you but tuna man na? fish face? na did not fit.
  • Chimp Joe was french wasn't he? - I knew his best mate paul le metro
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