Saturday Session - 9 November

"Ner ner ner" to YOU, Mr. Lizard! ;)

What: Rest
Why: Foot injury!

Last hard: Yesterday, nice wet cycle ride...
Last rest: Today


  • I follow the one true thread!

    What: Maybe a 5min jog
    Why: Final fitness test prior to Stowmarket 7 on Sunday (can't make my blimming mind up!)

    Last hard day: Monday :-( 8K
    Last rest day: Friday!

    Why am I not in bed?
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Where is everyone today?

    What : Undecided, probably 5 mile easy with some hills or some gym work including 30 mins mixed pace.
    Why : Did my Thursday fartlek yesterday (and got drenched) and want to do a long 16 miler first thing tomorrow so I don't want to overdo it.
    Last hard : yesterday
    Last rest : Thursday

    Good luck if you're racing this weekend.
  • Is it really 1030 already?! At least its a nice day.
    What: 3ish miles easy
    Why: still surprisingly stiff from weights and lunges on Thurs, and doing x-country tomorrow
    Last hard day: Wed
    Last easy day: yesterday
  • thankfully, looks a bit drier here too.

    what: early pm - marshalling English National Schools X-C Cup (NW regional) event in Arrowe Park - might just be a tad muddy....
    later - short (probably 4.3K) but q brisk run
    why: what else can you fit in on the day between a relatively long run and a relatively very long run?

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Thu
  • yes indeed where is everybody and why weren't we invited?

    what: 8 x 400m @ 1mile pace
    why: cos Frank Horwill says so, the old maniac, this interval training every other day plan that he recommends for 10K training.
    last hard day: Thursday 6 x 1mile
    last rest day: can't remember so it must be a while ago

    haven't achieved bio-systems melt-down just yet, but it's only a matter of time. hopefully I'll still be a functioning organism for Brighton 10K next Sunday, where it looks as though there will be a dangerously large assembly of forumites. does Brighton know what it's letting itself in for, I mean, Fat Boy Slim is one thing but ---
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I'm here (briefly)

    Wot: 1000 m swim
    Why: Rest day
    Last hard day. Yesterday - the intended steady 10 miler became brisk nine miler 'cos I didn't have enough time for the former. Then did a 50 lengths of the pool (new cross training regime). Then ate a huge wodge of cheescake, a 12" pizza and drank a bottle of wine to replenish depleted glycogen stores (valid excuse, I think)
    Last rest day: Last Saturday
  • Afternoon all,

    What: 50.7 mile cycle
    Why: Because it is about time I started cycling again as cross-training, and the weather is actually amazingly pleasant
    Last hard day: Today - it got a bit tough towards the end
    Last easy day: Yesterday

  • rest & fix computer clock

    no further comment
  • I'm here filling in time.

    am 8M easy, pm 8M steady.
    Why: Increasing mileage, feeling better on it.
    Last hard: Thurs
    Last rest: 8 days ago
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Nice one Ironman, haven't cycled that far for years. I'm jealous!

    What: 18 miles in about 2:10
    Why: Long run ( had planned 21 miles but completely died after 15 and missed out 7th 3 mile lap)
    Last hard day: today
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Evening All,

    Drew, looks like your ploughing into the FLM mileage! I'm envious you got your 18 miler out the way today and I've got mine looming!

    sounds like a hell of a ride.

    you Horwillian maniac, your going through with this crazy plan then?!?!??!

    What: Gym - bike, weights, row, shower, trousers.......
    Why: X-Training
    Last hard run: Thursday (Horwillian Horror)
    Last rest day: Yesterday
  • Hi gang,

    What: (proudly...) first fell race - Dunnerdale, 5 miles 1800 ft ascent.

    Why: I blame one of my running partners for suggesting it.

    Was going to post race report but I think I'll just babble on here instead.

    Beautiful days,esp compared with yesterday and Dunnerdale is a fantastic quiet part of the South West lakes between Coniston and Eskdale. Never done a fell race before (just events organised by the LDWA which aren't formally races, or timed) so my partner and I were lapsing into hysteria beforehand feeling like we were carrying great banners shouting: 'We're newcomers and don't know what the hell is going on.". There was a huge field - 170 + I would say, most looking ferociously fit, and sporting fellrunning club vests. Lots of ogling opportunities for perfect male physique - lean, rugged and muscular legs! Anyway I digress, race preparation was not exactly by the book - knackered after nightmare 2 days at work, hung over after only 2 glasses of wine, no decent breakfast and not a clue as to the route or its conditions. We pretended to look at the route description posted up in the village hall and nod knowledgeably at each other whilst scanning the hillside for landmarks.
    'Remember, the pain you feel is your own; it is self-inflicted and character building' shouted the organiser by way of motivational send-off. As soon as the race began the happy relaxed chatter turned to total silence as everyone was instantly pitched into anaerobic breathing; by the time I'd got to the top of the first checkpoint my legs had turned into lactate induced jelly and so the descents weren't quite the bounding fast stretches I'd hoped for.

    The route was basically four ascents to checkpoints with descents and short ridges in between in a horseshoe shape. Everyone goes up the steep bits in a line bent double, hands on knees, then make it up by flying down the other side. I kept overtaking people on the uphill stretches only for them to fly past me on the downhill sections - they obviously knew something I didn't about racing technique! There was plenty of evidence of this week's rainfall - the ground was sodden and it was fun to splash your way down through rivulets and streams. I only got worried when i went up to my thigh in a bog and had to be pulled out by a conveniently positioned runner who I'd been busting a gut to get past but who suddenly became my best friend!
    Totally different to my normal fellrunning which is slow and steady - this was serious pain from start to finish and exhilarating at the same time, average heart rate 92%
    Finished in 61 minutes, the most difficult way of running 11 minute miles that I know of!

  • Oops, 12 min miles in fact.
  • Hi Laura L

    Sounds like you had great fun. I've race lots of XC but have alway's fancied a go at fell raceing but you don't get many in Kent!!!
    One day I wil try though.

    My second 8M run went so easy I'm seriously hoping for PB's next year.
  • Well done, Laura. I'm envious - I SO want to be a fell-runner (possibly because of the opportunities to eye up those perfectly-defined legs that fell-runners have). It sounds like the most fun that can be had while working that hard.

    I think I'm almost back in action now, but am amazed how much cardiovascular fitness I've lost in less than three weeks without hard training.

    What: Gym session. Bodypump class followed by 20 mins stepping intervals, 20 mins alternating power-walking and slow running at a serious incline on the treadmill, and 600m swim. Then went to the new Harry Potter movie to take my mind off missing the Cheddar Half this afternoon.
    Why: A bit less than a normal training Saturday, but I'm still recovering from injury and inactivity.
    Last rest day: Tuesday.
    Last hard day: Thursday. And today.

    I plan to try a short road run tomorrow if my ankle doesn't suffer for today's efforts.
  • w/e 9.11.02

    Sun - 12 miles
    Mon - 2 miles
    Tue - 6 miles
    Wed - 6 miles
    Thu - 6 miles
    Fri - 6.5 miles
    Sat - (day off)

  • Laura, that sounds brilliant. I loved your report! I want to do it - nothing to do with oggling gorgeous men, honest.
    What: I'm ashamed to say another terrbile hangover, so it was a 40 minute run, of only around 4 miles!
    Why: I keep asking myself that! Out again tonight, but driving as Autumn Challenge tomorrow
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Wednesday night
  • what : moderate session in gym, run, cylcle, row and swim.
    why : to feel i've earn tonight's beer and curry
    last hard day : last sunday
    last rest day

    bit of a slack week this week. Will hopefully get out of a 6-7 mile tempo run tomorrow.
  • Well done Laura!! Sounds as if you really enjoyed the pain! Sounds like the kind of run I'd enjoy. Such a shame I'm so far away. I'm sure I'd enjoy some of your fell runs.

    Anyway today I did Cheddar and am still on a high as I got a 1/2m pb of 1:34:22. I was on for breaking 1:34, up until the 10mile point, but got a bit of a stich at 11 miles and that with tiredness accounted for loss of pace. Previous 1/2 best was 1.36.57 so a good chunk off.

    Originally, I was aiming for a negative split as after my muscle soreness earlier in the week I wasn't sure if I could run at pb pace. But was running quite smoothly in the first few miles decided to run as I felt.

    Mile splits were 6.51, 7.00, 7.10, 7.06, 7.08, 7.06, 7.24 (up hill section), 7.03, 7.20 (another slight incline),7.17, 7.29 (got a stich), 7.24 (knackered), 7.15, 39secs

    Now aiming for a 10k pb in a few weeks time at the Christmas 10k.
  • what: 4 miles including 2 miles at 5k pace accross sanddunes
    why: since i'm off work, i could choose when to run, so i did this run just before it started getting dark. that meant i could work quite hard and look forward to hydration not long after i got home!
    last hard day: thursday (track)
    last rest day: yesterday
  • Evening all

    What : recovery run
    Why : had a hang over so could not face long ride - will do it tomorow (honest)

    Last Hard Day : Thursday
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

  • Laura - enjoyed the report. Never tried a fell run myself - at the moment, the hill outside West Kirby is enough to deal with (whichever side you approach it from). 1800 feet climbing is getting on for 3x the amount we did in our hill reps session a week last Tuesday and I thought that was bad enough.

    The schools X-C at Arrowe Park was indeed pretty sodden. Was marshalling at one of the highest points on the course but press your foot into the ground and you brought up lots of water....

    4.3K this evening - thought it would be asking a bit much to try to get a brisk run out of this but surprisingly there was a bit of bounce in the legs & without overexerting myself, still got round in 16:10 (about 6:05 per mile pace). Is it the extra mileage, or the Tuesday group quality sessions?
    Intended 10 miler tomorrow morning - longest run I'll have done since 1989!
  • What: 13 miles long run, along a local canal path this afternoon/evening.

    Why: 'cos I do 'em on Saturdays not Sundays. Plus it's my birthday today & I wanted to get my long run in, although I had to wait until after my youngest son's birthday party had finished!!!!!

    Last hard day: Wednesday's hill reps with my Club.

    Last rest day: Friday's day orffff.
  • Laura+Hilly,
    sounds like you both had outstanding races today. CONGRATS
  • Did first 40 min 10K in gym. Doesn't compare with you lot so will go back to the Darkside and hide. Not much good at blowing own trumpet, suggestions welcome ;-)
  • BK,
    I always find it helps if you can find someone to blow your trumpet for you ;-)
  • Well done Hilly!
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