Too Tied to Run I think?

Yo Everyone I'm having a nightmare with work it's saturday 16:00 and I'm still here from 7.00 this morning, I feel like I haven't got the energy to run what do you reckon???

P.S I'm in work tomorrow again..


  • Why is it saturday 16:00 at 9.11 am? Are you in Asia?
  • Touche Mauve!
  • Vietnam is my bet :o)

  • wasn't really sure what was going on

    wasn't really sure what was going on
  • Good guest ironman, I'm in Vietnam and its sunday morning and I'm in work again, no luck with the running yesterday maybe more luck today
  • It's not down to luck. It's down to getting up off your a*** and making the effort.
  • I've often found that even if I'm knackered, when I do make the effort to go out running I come back feeling fresher.

    Guess it depends - I've noticed I can be physically tired or mentally tired (or both!). If it's mental tiredness (stress etc) then running works wonders!

    Nice reference MM - N-n-n-n-nineteen...nienteen!
  • None of them received a hero's welcome, Iain. (A bit like me at the end of a race).
  • I Guess it mental tirness, but when you get back from work at 8.00p.m what do you reckon too late, or just go for it!
  • Generally I'm of the sentiment that no matter how tired I am I always feel better after a bit of exercise......however......last Friday I started work at 05:45 and went home at 21:50 and in that case definitely too tired.

    If I get home before 20:00 I will always run, if I get home before 21:00 then I'm likely to run but indoors on the treadmill.
  • Don't you fing that your to hungry, I'ts 6.45p.m and I'm starving
  • I've been getting home pretty late for most of my working life so I'm used to having dinner after 9:00 in the evening. I'm a bit of a food grazer so will try and find things to eat during the afternoon.

  • Anyway it's just pushed over 21:00 here I'm prety tired now so maybe I'll give it go tomorrow
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