Cross training in the gym

To minimise injury, I am at present running about 4 days a week and cross training in the gym another 2 days.I just do the cardio machines. About 1 hour to 1 and a 1/2 hours spending equal amounts of time on the stepper,elliptical trainer,upright and recumbent bikes and the rower.My pulse rate is usually 70-75% of max during these sessions.Does anyone else do a similar regime and has it helped their running?


  • Paul,
    I am a coach and cross training is important. We cross train twice every 4th week to allow my athletes to adapt to the next training level. Cycling and the cross trainer are the main ones, a little circuit session specifically targeting running/non running muscles. Cross training will be done progressivly to avoid soft tissue injuries. You can set targets/aims for different cross training sessions. An example, if my athletes have done a 3 week cycle for power, then the cross training will target power exercises.

    A good thing about cross training it helps variety to your training with specific aims. Do not do too much cross training if you want to be a runner.

    Have a nice run tomorrow.

  • Thanks Allan; some interesting ideas raised in your post about using cross training to adapt to next training level.After a gap of 20 years,I have only been running again for the last 9 months. I have found that 6 days of running a week invariably produces an injury! I am just using it to save the impact on my legs 2 days a week.When I am a bit lighter and fitter, I'll concentrate more on my running. I am reckoning that it must have some positive effect on my heart and lungs even if the leg muscles used are slightly diffferent and is therefore better than resting on those 2 days.
  • I've been x-training due to injury for the past 6 weeks and am just returning to running. When able I found spinning an excellent way to condition legs and is an excellent cv workout. I'm going to continue to incorporate it into my week as it gives a good low impact session. I want to avoid another injury if at all possible.
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