Severe Leg Muscle Pain

Hi, I have just changed my sneakers which have helped with shin splints, however I have develped a new problem. The muscle on it inside of my lower legs (inbetween the shin and the calf muscle) is causing me great pain. I have never had this before but I actually had to stop running yesterday cause of the pain (and can barely walk today!). I'm unable to find any stretches which help. Can anyone suggest anything?

Much appreciated!


  • L-J

    Just found your question and wondered if you'd sorted your problem ? If not, the exercises on this site I've used a lot for lower leg problems - I know it sounds cranky but they worked wonders for me!
  • well, I decided that it might be my shoes, since the pain only started (a while) after I got them. However, have just bought a new pair whilst on holiday visiting my parents. will let you know how I get on, but shall def check out the site.

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