Instep blister from orthotics

Has anyone else developed knarly blisters from using orthotics?

I was prescribed orthoses two months ago for heavy over-pronation and comedy duck feet (not the technical term).

I was not told to buy new shoes, so ran in my old trainers which, it turns out, were too small anyway.

10 mins into my run the soles of my feet were on fire. BLISTERS on both insteps.

I had recourse to the trusty health and injury forum, and was recommended to use bodyglide / micropore tape. Never one to do things by halves, I have been taping up both feet and then bodygliding over the top.

That was fine for 3-4 miles, but I am training for the Dublin Marathon and so have had to strike out...

This Sunday managed 8 miles (personal triumph), but... BLISTER (left instep only). Ran yesterday and today... BLISTER


Does anyone know the theory as to why blisters form, whether I should harden skin off or soften with vaseline, and whether taping and then bodygliding makes any sense, or whether I should just do one or the other???

What about my orthotics? Has anyone else had orthotics that did this, but then found a solution (taping up orthotic? Having orthotic modified???)

I would really appreciate any thoughts, as my podiatrist is not a runner and so I don't have any hope that he will be able to help.

Please save me from blister hell :0


  • Juicy - I suffered the same when I first got my orthotics, basically I was told that it was due to your feet having to get used to be positioned in the correct place, ie the hard and soft skin is in the wrong place... it does get better I promise you but if not there is always bodyglide!

    BTW what trainers do you run in?
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    "I was not told to buy new shoes, so ran in my old trainers which, it turns out, were too small anyway".

    Hi Juicy, the above is your problem.Your shoes are to small for you.If you are training for a marathon you will be doing plenty of miles and the recommendation is that your running shoes should be at least a half size if not a full size bigger than your normal shoes. Also if you are then going to put orthotics in them they will take up extra room. I'm a size 9 but have size 10 running shoes. This allows for all sorts of things like thicker socks, orthotics and also your feet expanding after long runs. Your training shoes are you most important article and a good pair will last 500 miles plus. So my advice would be allow your blisters to heal noramlly and buy yourself a decent pair of trainers at least a half (if not a full) size bigger than your normal shoes.
  • Juicy - I have Orthotics and they have cause me blisters too. I was told it is partly to do with the movement of my feet and the surface of the Orthotic.

    You should mention it to your Podiatrist (or whoever gave you the Orthotics).
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    Huge blister on the sole of my foot at the mo - its a case of wearing orthotics in shoes that don't fit the orthotics well.

    so I echo the above comments - if you are buying new shoes take the orthotics along and try them out inside the shoes.

    I changed my orthotics to my old shoes, to see how they felt, after blister free running from another pair. big mistake.

    Another thing that would help, if you don't have full length orthotics, is to put the shoe insole over the orthotic (now you will definitely need a larger shoe!)
  • Thanks v much...

    Spans - Good to know that it might improve. I run in New Balance shoes (now) as I was told that they are more neutral in the instep and better with orthotics. Do you just use bodyglide? How long (timewise) are you running? I just saw a note on another site which suggested that lubricants are only useful for the first hour.

    Stylish - I bought new shoes immediately :) however first pair were STILL too small :( I now run in 6 1/2s.

    Hula - Have you been told of a solution? Do they re-cover the orthotic, or should I duct tape it??

    Annajo - I have 3/4 length orthotics, ie to base of my toes.

    Thank you!

  • They should be able to re-cover a cost.
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