Nike Air Phassad

Has anyone tried the Nike Air Phassad?


  • I've been wondering that--they look like something out of Star Trek (if it's the yellow ones I'm thinking of, anyhow).
  • Yes. But maybe they making getting up for a early morning run (when it is dark, and sometimes wet) a bit easier? But maybe not, when they muddy they probably look like the ordinary one's. Do people actually run in them? Or are they more for walking around in?
  • I think you are right Mim, the shoes are probably from Star Trek. I have just browsed the web and there are no where to be found. I would be most interested in getting to know how RW could get hold of a pair.
  • Might be an idea to call around, you know--I spent ages trying to find Stormy Pegs on the net, and no go. But I found a pair after my first phone call. Didn't RW do a bit of a review on the Phassad this month? I'm sure they must be designed for running--surely nobody would wear anything so peculiar-looking for fun? Apart from to a Star Trek convention, perhaps. The storm flap over the laces looks practical. The laces are always the really leaky bit, even in Stormy Pegs.
  • The Air Phassad is available in Niketown London and presumably in running shops elsewhere too. It looks weird but it might do the job. Watched some guy buying some while I tried the new Stormy Pegasus on!
  • Thank you very much for the information! I will contact them tomorrow and see if I can get hold of a pair. How is the Stormy Pegasus by the way?
  • Warm! I was a bit concerned about the tighter feeling of the toebox due to the extra Dri-FIT lining etc, but they are actually OK.
  • There is a review of the Phassad in the latest issue of RW. Curiously, they arrived in a box filled with dry ice - so it really was rather Star Trek!
  • Rob, may one ask where you got hold of the Phassad? I did manage to get hold of shop that said they could order them for me from Nike, but as it turned out, Nike is doing some 'reorganisation' and they will not take any orders until next year. And what did you think about them? I did see them in RW review.
  • We get our shoes sent directly from Nike. But they are available in NikeTown. I thought they were pretty comfortable, great grip, decent amount of cushioning, but not a shoe if you have too many stability requirements. They're funky though!
  • Ok, just like 'soft southener' said, about available at NikeTown. Cannot really get down there at the moment(broken ankle) but maybe something for next year. Thanks!
    Yes, I thought they looked funky too!
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