Forest Frolic

OK chaps, it's sorted, details will be emailed to those interested on Monday.
Some idea of lunch numbers will be damnded handy if we want to book a pub lunch.


  • Hi Barkles - just to let you know that I've messed up my planning, and having asked you to pencil me in, I must now ask you to rub me out!!

    Sorry I can't make it - hope it goes well and all have fun. Maybe next time eh?

  • Good shinola.

    Count me in for a pub lunch - always something I'm interested in.
  • Could you add me to the list of those interested.

    Many thanks.
  • Barkles, You tease!
  • Im up for at least a pub drink, is that before, or after the run
  • Afetr, I'll sort some booze for half time rest!
  • Barks

    When, where, how long :OD
  • Boing, detaoils tomorrow, playmates..
  • Come on then, the anticipation is just too much.
  • Hi Barkles

    As long as its still the 24th - count me in for the grub. I shall be off-line all this week (from 12pm to friday) so will not be able to check/answer any emails.

    look forward to seeing ya'll !
  • Hi Barkles, I am still interested - but I may shamefully have to pull out. I have a knee injury and will know the extent later in the week.
    Sorry to be soft.
    Cheers, Jonathan.
  • Barkles, you probably understand why I've been hedging about doing it now. I thinks its still unlikely.
  • Barkles

    I know your game, you're just trying to whip us up into a sor tof dark side frenzy of anticipation and excitment. It's working


    CONGRATULATIONS !!! Like the piccy
  • Thanks DD
  • Mrs Bear and I would like to attend.

    I'll email you with my work email address, Barkles.
  • Thanks mate, will email stuff from home around 6.00ish as I'm up my eyes in it today.....
  • Does that include me?
  • Yes...... bl**dy hell this is hard work...
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Can I ask which forest frolic this refers to please? I'm here after 6 (I have no life)so can wait until then.

  • Barkles.....?
  • Hi Gavo, I do not wish to tread on Barkles toes but can tell you about the mysterious forest!
    It is the Forest of Dean and is on the edge of Gloucestershire.
    I assume you are staying in London after stumbling along Shaftesbury avenue the other night! From London it is about 1.5 to 2 hours away down the M4. You can either go through the Cotswalds or over the severn bridge - either way it is signposted.
    Cheers - Jonathan.
  • Foxy, working on it.....

    Emails soon.... promise...
  • Haven't recieved one Barkles. If you've not already sent them, then ignore this; if you have, then deliver the goods to me too, dammit :)
  • Ignore that, just spoke to the Barkmeister on the darkside.
  • Jon will be attending this great event. Please do not ask for autographs as you will only be disappointed!

  • He can't write.
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