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Anyone else got an overload of running material? I've got magazines dating back to 1989 but I am loath to throw them in the bin! Any suggestions??


  • Why not scan in any of the pages of interest to keep on your computer, then you can let the old mags go, knowing you can look up any old articles you want.
    You should be able to organise so that you can find them more easily as well.
  • I took a load of old RW down to the Doctor's surgery and left them in the waiting room - they disappeared overnight. The next load i took to the athletic club and put them on a table there for anyone to read - again they disappeared overnight but i found out about what happened to them. One of the (much older) blokes took them home and put them in a cupboard 'to help build up his running archive'. I guess they'll be building up his dust collection then.
    I think in future i'll just tear out any interesting bits i want to keep and shove the remains in the re-cycling bin.
  • ebay lee ebay! just discovered it tonite!
    bid for something, got it 10mins later I'm hoked, now what can I sell.....
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