Cheddleton 10k Christmas Pudding Race

I am planning to run this race, it's my first 10k. Can anybody tell me what the course is like?
Thanks in antisipation.


  • Can't help on this one, but boing it to the top.
  • Dave,
    I don't know what the course is but I do know that most of the area around Leek is quite hilly. Don't let that put you off though go for it !!
  • Not done this one, but would be interested, when is it?
  • Hi Monique, the date of the race is Sat 30th November at 2pm, there is also a fun run at 1.40.
    Its all in aid of Cancer Research UK. I think the contact details are in Nov RW.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    This race is hilly. It's three laps with an uphill start and two/three hills on each lap.

    See you there?
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    I'm no. 317, Mrs H is 449 if anyone's there
  • Well I have posted my entry off today. Hope to get round in 60min but if them 3 hills are big I will be happy just to get round.

    Good luck to all taking part.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Dave - I'm sure you'll be alright. Remember - what goes up...

    Anyone else doing this one?
  • Just had my number in the post today, (34) I'll be the one at the back.
  • As Andrew says, 3 laps - a longish hill, flat on the top then sharp down. But - great atmosphere, good support as you pass the start/finish 3 times and excellent tea and cakes afterwards in the hall.
  • Ermintrude and Andrew H. are right. Cheddleton itself is built on a hillside. The race course is 3 laps and pretty hilly.

    On the upside, there's a decent pub (The Boat) that's not too far away. Good ale/good food.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Looking very dodgy for me now.

    Pulled a calf muscle on Tuesday, rested, ibuprofen etc, no problems with two days walking in the Lakes at the weekend. So I do the sensible thing and go out with the slower club group yesterday. TO cut a long story short I pulled up after a mile and a bit and had to limp/shuffle back - it's worse than ever.

    So it's on the phone to the physio this morning (first time ever) and if you see a big bloke in a Macc Harriers vest (maroon and grey diagonals (nice!) limping round - make me stop!

    I will be there to support Mrs H though.
  • Sorry to read about the calf, I hope you can run on the day, but shure Mrs H will appreciate the support.
    Mrs S and the kids are also coming to see me attempt my first 10k, target time is 60 min, depending on that hill.
    I to have been troubled with lower leg problems since I started running in March/April this year. I am considering saving up to get my stride/gait checked out. Has anybody had this done? and was it worth it?
  • Dave,

    don't worry too much about the hills. I run with a club in Staffordshire and on circuits the hills even each other out and work different muscle groups independently. Providing you've got basic fitness to go the distance and have done a bit of hill/incline work your time shouldn't be much different. Have you had your trainers checked out to make sure they're right for you? I had a go on an Adidas Footscan and a treadmill at a proper sports shop when I first started. Obviously are only as good as the person who interprets the results but not a bad starting point before shelling out megabucks. Change of trainers may be the answer.

    Mr Higgo, sorry to hear about your leg. My husband also sustained an injury on Tuesday. He now has a very sore achilles (recurring problem) and looks like he might be cheering from the sidelines so maybe he can cheer with you.. will be there with small black and tan terrier type dog.

    I'm looking for someone who's going to do 50 mins or just under if anyone wants a running buddy on the course.
  • Hi Sweepie, Ive done a 5 mile race back in july but no hills, also 7 mile on flatish ground. as for the trainers I started running in neutral shoes but changed to mild pronaters once the wear patten started to show. Also run with Sorbothene insoles as I found my back was getting jared. since then the back has been fine.
    I will look out for the foot scan m/c next time I need new trainers, about another 200 miles.
    With my target of 60 min, I expect I will be lapped a few times, how does that hit the spirit?
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Dave - I get lapped every year at the Manchester YMCA 10K and the Sale 10M. It doesn't affect me at all. In fact it can be quite impressive to see the really fast runners move.

    I'm definitely out of this one. I went to the physio last night (who happens to live near Chedd) and was given some very clear advice about the race (i.e. don't do it)

    So I'll be looking out for you (no 34?) and Sweepie (no?) and Mr Sweepie spectating with a small black/tan dog.

    See you tomorrow!
  • Hi all,

    Husband not coming now since nursing plasterers and sore achilles at home. I am no.470 but not sure of achieving good time now as I did a 10k training run yesterday with the club and felt dreadful - hope this is not first sign of cold. Am looking forward to seeing Trentham top runners speed past me towards the end of my 2nd / beginning of my 3rd lap (or earlier)!!!

    Will see you all tomorrow, good luck.
  • Forgot to ask, are there any mile/km markers on this race? Am not too good at pacing myself and could be hopelessly out if not.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭

    Presumably the Trentham runners will be passing you just after the Macc Harriers do!

  • Ho, I think not, considering we thrashed all soundly at Stafford Common.
  • See you there! My first 10k too. Am signed up for the fun run, but have decided to take plunge and change horses, as long as they'll let me.

    I can guarantee I'll be last, so everyone else can do it safe in the knowledge that it won't be them. In fact, i'm expecting the road to re-open whilst I'm still out there....
  • Well I did it, just. 1 more lap would have seen me thumbing a lift.
    made it in 59.05 so just inside my target of 60 min.
    Couldn't walk very well this morning, and my legs have never been this painfull before.
    Special thanks to Mr Higgo for making himself known to me and for shouting encouragment as I past by.
    Cheers everybody, may see you again if my legs ever recover.
  • Hi all,

    did you do it Helen ?!

    Sorry Dave I looked out for you but didn't see you - but congrats on your time. Cheers Mr Higgo for saying hello. Well done to your wife too.

    Didn't quite get my time (52:30ish in the end) and nearly died after racing some bloke the last mile BUT I did beat him HA ! Thanks to the bloke whoever you are who came to me at the end 'cos he thought I was having an asthma attack - no, just chest infection so probably shouldn't have run but appreciated the concern.

    Has anyone tried their pudding yet??
  • Done it but only just! After the first 5 minutes mountaineering I was ready to give up. Survived and completed it 58 minutes - only my second 10k - was pleased to finish standing!
  • Sweepie,
    Yes I did. I finished, without walking in a magnificent 74mins. Just wasn't prepared for the hill factor: was there any downhill bit?? Also hadn't run more than 4m before. Was silly really. I came in last by along way followed by 2 coppers in a car using only their first gear!! No-one left outside when I came in and a very helpful marshall said "come on love, the pub closes at 11.30" - good job I had no breath left to deal with that one!

    All in all a very humiliating experience, was in tears after, but have got over myself now and have already signed up for a new (flatter)10k for spring.
  • Helen,

    well done mate... you deserve a medal if you've only done 4m before. By the time I got to the hill at the start for the 3rd time I thought 'right I'm really p****d off with this now' and I'm used to the distance.

    I know it can be very demoralising when you first start out and this was a difficult race. The downhills can tire you as much as the uphills if you're not used to the distance - did you have sore shins the next day?

    Keep going and let me know what races you've planned and I'll look out for you.
  • Helen,

    good effort. Don't let the time get you down. It was your first 10K, beyond your usual distance, a tough course, and a nasty day. You should be well pleased with yourself.

    Well done again.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    I'd like to add my congratulations to everyone who did it. It really was a grotty day. Just hearing about some of the hills makes me very glad I didn't do it. I'm sure giving it a miss was the right thing to do for the calf - I did a mile and a half yesterday with no pain! If I'm OK tomorrow at Harriers I might have a crack at the Stockport 10 (slowly) Anyone doing that one?
  • Hi everyone, I had the offial results in the post today and my time has improved to 58.46 min, Ok not great but makes up for the bad leg and limp I have had all week, dare not start to run on it yet.
    All the best everybody. Helen if its any consalation I was last V40.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Manon's also suffering from this one - reckons it was the downhill bit which have given her pain in places she didn't know she had.

    And my calf went again last night!
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