Sports personality (of the year)

If you take a moment of your time, you could come across a thread in the FLM forum about who should start the FLM 2003. Reading the replies, I wondered about the question of Sports PERSONALITY of the year & wondered why the award should NOT go to Jane Tomlinson. I can think of no reason, other than not enough people voting for her. I, like so many others on the forums had Paula as the rightful owner. But, what price Personality & Jane Tomlinson's claim for consideration.
Back in April I thought it was very hard on Paula that comparisons should be made between her & Jane, as they were so different in so many ways. Yet, for me both women have ooooodles more personality than (non) spotty faced footballers - take this from someone who loves that game (honest now).
Opinions / views? Ta.


  • I've always thought that the title was a misnomer - it does inevitably seem to have a lot to do with achievment and not that much to do with personality - think back to past winners such as Stephen Hendry.

    Ideally I'd like to see both Paula and Jane get an award. Someone suggested that Helen Rollason award that they started the other year - can't remember the title though.
  • yes, well I was considering Dennis Wise for my vote, but now you've come to mention it, Jane Tomlinson may have a better claim.

    sorry Denn..
  • i thought sports personality of the year was always won by personalitys (or not) who have had their faces in the media the most - like we ve all seen Beckham and Owen score their goals enough time so we can stick an x next to their picture. The people who achieve - personalities or not - tend to get runners up or other obscure awards - 'best young woman single round the world yachts woman with names beginning with Ellen....'

    Paula should win based on her fantastic achievements AND her sparkling personality and the fact that she has had the exposure that she desrves this year..

    Jane Tomlinson hopefully will get the Helen Rollason award although not many people outside of running and CRUk may have heard of her - where do we vote?
  • They seem to do a lot via the BBC website. From memory the TV prog is early to mid December, so I'd have thought they should be kicking the vote off soon - perhaps once they've got this greatest Briton thing out of the way.

    Paula for that as well!!
  • Just checked the BBC web site - no news of this year's event, but last year's was December 9th.
  • Its going to be paula righty so but jane would get my vote if paula had not had such a great year. great question jc but like as has been said if its not on tv it ait happening to most voters
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