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I heard a running friend mention today that the Saucony Grid Web 2 line was being discontinued. I can't find anything (so far) that confirms this. I'm a bit concerned 'cause it took me a year to discover the Web and I don't want to have to start looking all over again if I can help it...not with London coming up next year etc etc.

Does anyone know if this is true and if so, any suggestions to similar alternatives? I was contemplating the trigon...


  • I used the trigon as my last shoe, no complaints.
  • As a dedicated saucony wearer, I bought a pair of Trigon ealrier this year and the new last did not suit my feet at all. I subsequently bought the grid web, I assume its 2, they are the blue ones, and have found them to be about the best I've had, having run a 30k mountain race in Switzerland and the Amsterdam marathon in them. I hope they aren't being discontinued, if they are, we'd best stock up !
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    yep, it has been discontinued. I run in the webs, so when we (sweatshop) found out it had been discontinued, I had trouble trying to find a different shoe to replace it. I have tried the grid spy, but it isn't quite the same feel. For now I have stuck a pair of sorbothanes in my old Grid Webs to make them last longer, which seems to be doing the trick.
  • Oh heck! It took me long enough to find a shoe to suit my blasted feet (orthotics an' all)...tried Asics and didn't seem right...looks like you're right, Ian...I'd better stock up! I wonder if they'll come down in price...
  • The web is not being dropped by saucony( by the way it is pronounced "sock a knee". As usual with all running shoe companies, they are updating the model from DEC 02.
    Problem being the 'new WEB' is it's not even close to the current version, and it won't be an automatic switch for the current users to the next version. So much so that my local running shop bought a lot of the current web and is not buying in the new version. If any shop/mailorder tells you its just a 'colour change' or 'its really the same shoe' walk away.
  • Thanx for the info, Jethro...since I believe the Grid Web (current) to be a pretty popular shoe, what's everyone gonna do? I guess this happens quite often although I've only been running for 2 1/2 years have been running in Grid Webs for a year now.
  • This ' updating the shoe' thing by the companies, is the reason why some people loved asics 2040 & 2050 then hated the 2060 & 2070, because they changed so much about them even though they are supposed to be the same shoe updated and upgraded. Most of the compnaies do this but asics are by far the worst. The current saucony OMNI, that came out this spring, is a reasonably different shoe to the previous version. Yes its because saucony has improved a technical element of their shoe range, but it means we have to start from stratch every other year or so.
  • Just have to see what the new Web is like...anyone heard anymore about this new-fnagled Adidas DIY type shoe?
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    Its official..! I just rang up Saucony and they say that although the current Grid Web is discontinued, they are bringing out a version of it for 2003.

    It will be an update rather than a re-release of the old shoe, but I don't know any of the technical changes. We are getting the brochure for the Saucony 2003 shoes, so when I get that I could post all the technical stuff if people would like?
  • That'd be brilliant, annajo :) I hope they keep all the good bits of the shoe!

  • Slight change of conversation I know, but is it the same for every Saucony model. I recently replaced my fantastic but worn out Grid Jazz's with this years colours and despite having run them in for 40-50 miles now I still get blisters. My socks are the same as the old shoe so thats not the reason. If I slacken my laces I get a sore toe.

    I guess companies need to keep pace with latest fashions to compete, but do they need to fiddle with the make up of the shoe. It makes ita complete lottery buying a pair of shoes, even a trial run outside the shop doesn't really help.


  • The main difference with the new Web is the lack of a dual density midsole. Making this a true Neutral shoe.
  • Hopefully (in my case and probably a lot of others, too)if this change is all that'll be made (apart from new colours), it'll be ok, as I have orthotics...keep fingers crossed.
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    Right heres the technical info.

    The Web is being released for next season, as Pistol Pete says it looks as if there is no medial post for anti-pronation (that grey bit on the inside of the heel) but it isn't less supportive apparently due to the grid system being changed (see below).

    There is the High Rebound Cushioning, in the forefoot as well as in the heel, whereas it used to be only in the heel. Also the Grid Web is using the 3D grid system in the heel, which is the same as the Hurricane, Saucony's top of the range shoe, so all in all it should be better cushioning and more durable (although I would have to admit I found it ok anyway!) The 3D Grid system is also designed to give some support against over-pronation, as the 'grid walls' are extended through to the inside of the heel.

    So it is being re -released, and all the updates look pretty good but also quite extensive, so lets see how the shoe feels when it is released for us to try. The blue shoe is the Web thats currently available, this new version won't be available for a little while.

    Wonder if Runners'World have any samples they want us to test!
  • annajo,

    Do you know what the main differences are between the current (blue) Web and the responsive Trigon? I'm confused. Which is best for a neutral runner?
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    The fundamental difference is the medial post on the inside of the Web, which gives a bit of support against over-pronation, but the Web only has quite a mild post, so its a good neutral shoe as well.

    With the Trigon, you have three different versions, of which the responsive version is the 'standard' (as opposed to the lightweight or durable versions).

    They both have the same cushioning systems in the forefoot and the heel.

    With regards to the fit, I've found that the Web comes up very wide even for Saucony, which has a reputation for making wide shoes anyway.

    So as to which is the best shoe for a neutral runner, they would both be very suitable, maybe though the Trigon would have the edge because the Web has the extra anti-pronation, which a neutral runner would not use. But I would try both on if I was trying to choose, as they have different 'feels', and you need to see which you prefer. They are both really good choices for a neutral runner though.

  • Sorry for not coming in earlier, I've only just found this thread.

    The new 3D Grid Web is available from December you can get the full spec from

    As annajo says, the new version has the upgraded 3D GRID cushioning that we use in the top of the range Hurricane. It continues to have HRC in both the rear and the forefoot as all previous versions have. The Medial pillar has been removed, but it is replaced by a midfoot bridge which has similar supportive properties. In addition, as the 3D grid is stronger on the medial side, so this also adds to the support provided.

    As for updating/changing shoes Saucony will USUALLY not change our styles any more often than every 18 months, and we only do this because we want to improve them, not just for the sake of it!

    In this case, cause the Web is such a popular style, we were going to stick with the current blue version. However, we had the new style tested by Web wearers and EVERY runner preferred the new one. Honestly. I wear the web and wanted to stick with it, but EVERY single person who tried the new one preferred it, so we didn't have a difficult decision to make!

    I hope I've answered the questions posed in the thread, if not, add another post, and I'll try to help out.
  • Stoopid question but , how does one pronounce "Saucony"

    Is it saus - kony or saus - ony ?
  • erm..
    sock-a-knee - it says so on the box.
  • thank you how about adidis

    is it a dee das or .....:)
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