help again please

Once again calling on superior experience.

I thought I had 2 weeks to Colyton 10k after Cheddar 1/2.
I now realise it's next week, any tips as to what to do this week, I normally run 3-4 times a week.

thanks, HS


  • Depends on your fitness levels and powers of recovery but if it were me I'd have a couple of days off, an easy run or two of about 4 miles and then a short fast run on the day before the 10k.

  • thanks! - that sounds do-able, I'm pretty slow, so a 1/2m in 2.20 for me is about the same as a sunday long run, I would like to do the 10 in 60min, better if poss.

    Having sacrificed any speed I had to go further (didn't realise I should've still been doing shorter quicker runs)
    I'm now trying to build up speed again.
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