Overactive Thyroid

I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid 2 years ago, and now have graves disease which has now affected my eyes - swollen slightly protruding... but I feel that when I run the eyes become more affected. Spoken to my specialist who says he has never heard of this , but I do feel a correlation with running and my eyes and to the extent that I have cut back on my running,and it seemed to get worse after I ran the FLM this year. Anyone out there have the same problem or can offer any comments?


  • Hi Eldest
    Really sorry to hear of your condition. I'm hypo rather than hyper so I've not experienced your problems. However, I'm active in a few online thyroid groups where there are members with Graves and TED and they seem to agree that stress is a major contributor to worsening of TED symptoms. Perhaps the physical stress of marathon running is causing the deterioration? Is your Graves well-controlled by anti-thyroid drugs? I hope you have a really really good specialist looking after you.
  • hm
    Not a thyroid specialist
    But know that the eye bits often bear no relation to the biochemical disorder
    It can porgress even if the thyroid is ok

    do you see an opththalmologist
  • Hi Guys
    Thanks for the comments. I am on drugs but it is not controlling it so will have to have surgery probably, as cant have iodine cause of the eye probs. I know the eye bit Plodding is just a theory of mine. I was given a discharge from the eye specialist as he said that the condition could get better but not a lot they could do.

    I guess I notice it when I run and it has slowed down my running!
  • Hi,I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid after running the FLM last year. I felt great up to and including the marathon but afterwards just didn't pick up again. After 3/4 months I could barely run to the end of the road due to breathlessness and high heart rate.My eyes were slightly affected but not overly so. I'm still on medication, the blood tests show that I'm responding well but I can't say that I have recovered my previous fitness level yet. Like you perhaps, I feel that running the marathon contributed to me having the condition.
  • I know this is an old thread, but I'm new to the website and only just found your post. I ran the FLM in 2005 (my first and so far my only marathon) and had exactly the same experience. I never felt fit again afterwards, and my running got slowly worse and I found it very upsetting. It took me 6 months to be diagnosed, mostly because I didn't feel I could go to the doctor and say, 'I think there's something wrong with me, I can't run as fast, doctor.' Of course, there were other symptoms, but I didn't recognise them as such. I have searched the internet for papers on a link between marathon running and hyperthyroidism, but have never found any, so had concluded that it was all in my mind. But seeing your posts tells confirms to me that there is a link.

    I can't help with the eye problem as I don't thing mine are affected, but I too have been told that I have Graves disease. I'm on a low dose of carbimazole and I feel like I have gradually pulled my running back, but I do find it harder.

  • Only just found these messages and interesting reading. I have just been diagnosed with an Overactive thyroid. Really fit one minute then the next completely not so fit. I referee to a good level and noticed teh later end of the season. At teh moment i am resting due to the specialist reccomendation so hopefully get back to full fitness although understand this will be hard work! 

  • Hey, I notice a couple of you guys ran the marathon then got the symptons of an over-active thyroid, I just wondered if anyone had run the marathon with an over-active thyroid gland? This is what I am wanting to do this weekend, but am tentative, been recommended not to run it by the doc, but am just wondering how serious/long-term the effect of running it would be?

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