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  • Back to the original message Karen. I hope I can help.

    I used to use the bathroom fat scales until I realised that they aren't 100% accurate. I have my body fat tested monthly by professionals and it always comes in at 19%.

    On the scales at home it comes in at 27% - I was concerned about this and asked my instructor why. Basically the scales only measure fat in the botton half of your body so if you've got slightly larger legs the fat count will come out higher than if you did an all over body fat test. I have very little fat on my upper body and carry a bit more down below, but overall I'm caryy 19%.

    I would throw the scales away and try your local gym for a proper fat test.
  • Julie

    Thanks for that. I am a classic pear shape and my weight is definatly lower down.

    I'll get mine measured at the gym.
  • mmm thats interesting as most of my fat is hip/bum belly yet i can see my clavicles and bf is 40% according to Tanita - must just need 'a twist in my diet, me' (groan!)
  • If you CAN'T see your clavicles, you don't need a body fat monitor! It takes a fair amount of fat accumulation before it starts collecting around that area. Apparently, complete annihilation of the clavicles is what counted as a desirably matronly bosom in Victorian times.

    Most of my fat is bum and saddlebags too. Of course, that's all just cosmetic really. The NASTY fat is what accumulates INSIDE your abdomen - hence the value of running a tape measure around your tum at bellybutton level. More than 32" for ladies or 38" for men suggests too much abdominal fat and indicates an increased risk of nasties like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Bloody hell - we are fat obsessed! We all have different places where we hold onto fat. Mine is the hips and belly. I'm less than a 32'' waist though, so I'm happy to know that I have less risk of heart disease (thanks V-rap).
    We should all be glad that we are running to do something about our fat and any health risks! Throw away the fat calipers!

    P.S. Caz - I am also a pescetarian.
  • My goodness - there really are some obsessed people out there. Work on the view that if you feel good and you're eating a balanced diet and keeping fit then don't get hung up about the readings. I don't have scale or a fat monitor, and my moniker - fatbutfit - sums me up. I know I weigh over 100kg but can run a half marathon in 1:45, and have a resting pulse in the 40's. Seems OK to me for a 49 year old - better if I could shed the beer belly but as I know what causes that, I know the cure as well.

    Remember, all these figures quoted are based on distribution across the population. Somewhere you will fit on the curve. It is almost impossible to be "normal" on all factors. Don't get too obsessed about whether you conform to the normal or not - just avoid the abnormal. But if you're on this forum it's unlikley you will be in the abnormal anyway.

    MY view is - get fit, stay fit and enjoy good health and life.
  • I have heard so much about body fat but not beign a member of a club or gym I havent a clue what body fat I have.

    I am 5' 10'' , 12.5 stone, 36 waist,
    should I worry about or get my body fat checked ?
  • Gaz

    A 36 waist @ 12.5st and 5'10 may be a little high try and find somewhat to have it checked

    I’m about 19% body fat – 6’2” 14St 4lb and have a 34 waist

  • Will,

    Thanks, the weight is still going down I am aiming for 12 stone or better 11.5 stone.

    Is the doctors the best place to go ?
  • Gaz - it worth a try, but he may just get a tape measure out an tell you to reduce your weight

    Another option is to find a sports theropist that offers the service
  • Most GPs of my acquaintance don't have a body fat monitor, Gaz, although some do. I have one, but it's hand-held and probably not very accurate. Some gyms offer skinfold thickness measurements, which give a more accurate result in trained hands.

    Your waist measurement falls well within the "safe" zone for men (under 38") provided you measured it at the level of your bellybutton and not where you can suck your tummy in.

    You're moving in the right direction and know where you're aiming for. No harm seeing your GP, but he/she will probably tell you to keep doing what you're doing now and be delighted that someone somewhere is giving diet and exercise their best shot.
  • Gaz, Another good indicator, apparently, is your Body Mass Index score (BMI). That can be worked out using a formula I can't remember, but I think takes height, weight and various other measurements into account. There seem to be quite a few websites on the net dedicated to this subject.....NB
  • Gaz, your BMI, according to the numbers you qote, is 25.16kg/m2, which is just on the upside of normal. But you knew that already, didn't you?
  • Will, V-Rap, NB,

    Thanks for your advice, as I am heading in the right direction, slowly I know, but getting there, I dont think I am too bad, body fat wise, but will certainly try to get checked out.....

    Thanks again, Gaz.....
  • Can't resist adding my opinion here. All you need is a mirror and a realistic eye to tell if you're too fat or not. Hand on heart, you're going to know whether you could do with losing a few pounds without going through the humiliation of getting measured at a gym.

    Better still (since most people will still think they're too fat rather than too thin) ask a loving but honest friend for their opinion. Or jump up and down in front of the mirror naked (you won't be the first!). Remember, some bits are supposed to wobble!

    Please please don't encourage yourselves or others to add yet another measurement obession to the list. Use an outfit you like and feel good in - if it starts getting tighter it aint the fabric that's shrinking. If you exercise regularly (and I can't believe anyone reading this isn't already also doing that) and eat sensibly you will end up the shape and weight that's healthy for you.

    I really think the whole western world ought to put itself into therapy to get rid of this weight/body fat neurosis that dominates the media/our lives. It's just another thing to worry about isn't it?
  • Well said Laura,

    Think I will try the jumping up and down in front of the mirror at bed time, with door locked, dont want anyone watching, not a pretty sight, ha ha ha.........

  • Hi, going vegan isnt the answer unless your know what your doing, if you cut out protien your heading for trouble, and worse than that you probably wont be able to run as far as you can now and it will probably take you longer to recover to, i know i tried that route, try longer slower runs,and stick to what you know. good luck
  • Some interesting points here, I dont like the BMI - probably because I dont do well :)

    I enjoy weight training (a lot) as well as running, so my weight and BMI is skewed by my muscle weight. I have a 33" waist at 5'10" - not too bad I thought but my bmi had me in the slightly obese category:((((

    I also use bfat% monitor scales - biggest waste (waist?) od money ever. It i just too hydration dependant.
  • All the facts and figures, good god..............I agree Laura you know if you are fat or not.I'm 5'10" female and have a waist of 32 inches, but have a large frame....and although my waist is just ok according to V-raps measurements I think I'm just fine! Surely someone of 4'10" shouldn't be measuring themselves with the same waist measurement and thinking they are ok? Moderation in everything....these figures are just a guide. Fat neuroses feeds off facts and and be happy!!
  • By the way I'm 154 lbs and 21% body fat.....not that I'm at all concerned by figures......
  • A year ago my clothes got tight & I found my weight was 12 stone - not the 10 stone 10 I was used to!

    Well it was either diet or excercise, so I took up running. 3 months later I was down to 11:7 so I paid minor attention to diet (drank red wine instead of beer most of the time) and now I'm down to 10:9.

    Its taken a year, but I feel much better & I've got a new, healthy interest. Body fat 14% according to a 1-off measurement on one of those unreliable hand-held devices.

    My view - running beats dieting!
  • Hear, hear, Dave!

    Much healthier to be a runner - even a podgy runner (which you're not) - than to be a slender sofa spud.
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