Race report: Rainforest Foundation Victoria Park 10k

Hi guys,

Sunday morning dawns, and it's chucking it down with rain. Not a particularly auspicious start, but the rain clears just before the start of the race and holds off. The course is almost perfect for a PB - pancake flat and three laps of Victoria Park (Hackney, London), so no traffic. Only a couple of tight corners and the fact that the last 50m was on (very muddy) grass prevent it being absolutely perfect.

Race itself went superbly well, and I was delighted to finish in a PB-busting time of 40:30! I was initially a bit disappointed not to got sub-40, but reviewing the splits I ran it fairly evenly and would not really have been able to go any faster. The half way point was reached at 20:06, so a slight positive split unfortunately.

It didn't seem to be a hugely fast field - I've been told that I finished top 20 in a field of 500 (!), but going to have to wait for the official results to confirm that.

Cheers to the race organisers, it was very well marshalled and organised. Also cheers to SuperDaz and SusieBee, who didn't run but turned up to cheer.

Overall verdict: absolutely delighted, and it will be very tough to beat that at Brighton next week.



  • Nice one Venom - going for the sub-40 next week then?
  • Well done venom - Idream of getting under 55 this year so 40.30 is just very impressive - nice reoprt too
  • oops, posted on wrong forum. Copying over to Events now...
  • Cheers guys. Sub-40 is the dream but don't think I'll manage it at Brighton. But we shall see.

    Given my previous 10k PB was 43:26 (from the most hilly Nike 10k), I'm pretty pleased with 40:30. My initial thought on crossing the line was that I was a bit gutted I'd missed sub-40, as I'd felt that I'd run far too hard in the first third of the race. But reviewing the splits, I ran pretty evenly and couldn't have done much better today really.
  • Well run Venom!
  • Bloo*y hell, venom, serious running mate, well done.
  • Well done mate, I managed a PB too. Not as impressive as yours but 48:29 was my first time under 50 mins so I was delighted.


  • Well done to all.

    Venom - keeping pushing you've almost cracked the magic 40.
  • what did i tell you mate on Friday. that's a blinding effort. ! (quicker than my last 10K you bugger).

    If it's not too breezy on sunday, there's no reason on that sort of form why you can't get very close to / break 40 minutes.
    Sounds like we could be running in the same 'group', hopefully we can both do the business and crack 40mins.

    all the best.

    by the way, how much do charge for pace making ??

  • Well done V! I'll be chasing you on Saturday
  • Um, that's Sunday!
  • Well done mate. I posted on your other thread too. Top twenty you git!

    Don't forget to wind up the Minky!
  • Minky wound up thank you dear!
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