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    He wont be happy - he was quoted as saying he hoped it wouldn't be more than a year and if it was it might make a return to the sport difficult.

  • I wonder if he'll ever be remembered for anything other than being a drugs cheat? What a waste.
  • Sorry, forget Millar, we have plenty medal hopefuls in cycling and I hope that they don't get tarnished by his stupidity.
  • serves him right. should be a liftime ban for anyone.
  • Just been rading cycling weekly and they have been slating him form the past few weeks.

    I do think is a shame but personaly he has never really lived up to his potentialand hype in my book, and now hell be 31 or so after his ban so not much futurereally.

    I am not too sure about his shameless bid to become a saviour of drugs in the sport - by teaching the kids the perils he can prevent future little david millars from taking EPO (or at the very least teach themnot to leave the evidece on the bookshelf to be foud a year later)

    This thus struck me as a symplathy ploy to reduce his ban to a year - now he has lost his title and got two years I wonder if he will still be as charitable in his drugs ambassador role!
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