cant get off the treadmill

am a treadmill runner and the minute i go outside i just can't run. help please!!


  • its LOADS harder
    i know
    These days im MUCH slower on the tready than outside

    you need to SLOW DOWN

    run really slowly, take walk breaks

    You CAN run outside
  • when you say slow down---im not exactly fast in the gym!!!should i stop treadmill running all together?
  • no
    i just meant you are probably trying to run too fast outside

    you cant judge your speed ,see
  • then i will give that a go and slow down. thank you!
  • soon it will be easy
    i was a treddie queen too
  • some days i can run for 40 mins and others only 10 before im exhausted!
  • I just run on the tready as a last resort...outside running is much better, not so don't have a big display in front of you making it seem so much longer.

    I'd agree with Hippo...go out and enjoy running outside first...don't worry about speed, take in the surroundings, think how nice it is to be running free outside...once you're enjoying it like that the speed will come naturally.
  • can you think of a good way for me to get going outside- i live by the sea and a big harbour so its lovely around here.
  • early am
    then you wont be embarrassed
    try i min jog, i min walk
    for 20 mins to start
  • Why don't you go outside for a run this weekend...don't set any targets with time or distance...just go out to enjoy it. Pick your route as you go and take in the scenery.

    As it's supposed to be hot this weekend, I'd go early morning or late afternoon. Take a bottle of water with you too.

    Just run how you feel.
  • ok, ill give that a go..loads of workmen around here and they have a lot of opinions on my running so ill go this weekend!
  • go at 5am
    no workmen then
  • actually they have a lot of opinions on everything...i will try the one minute run, walk thing....then i wont embarrass myself -
  • can you realistically do both treadmill and outside stuff?
  • There's no reason why not, but I'll only go on the tready if there's a reason why I can't run outside
  • i do
  • i heard that it works a different set of musles.maybe thats my problem....this weekend - or maybe early tomorrow i will go for the above suggested run/walk...
  • I do a run walk schedule. I do a couple of treadmill sessions in the week then I go to a big park (there are a selection of them round me) and do one or two sessions round the fields. Then I get the best of both worlds x

    FP x
  • that sounds like a good solution for me - use the treadmill and then outside at the weekend - do you still run fast on the treadmill or limit your speed?
  • Just a thought.- Do you have the treadmill at a 1% incline? Apparently this makes it more "equivalent" to running outside...
  • I run at a speed of 8 (you know what I mean?) and a gradient of 1%. I am on the interval training so I run 3 mins at the mo. and walk one minute x

    When I run outside it is so much harder so I run really slow and steady x

    If you want to train more for outside I would recommend leg strengthening excersises in the gym a couple of times a week and hill training. Also Cross training x

    Hope that helps x
  • l p - i have just started running at the 1% incline and it is definitely different now although i do tend to use the random program anyway
    f p - i am running at 8 too but on the treadmill i just keep going so sometimes i can run for 40 mins, othertimes 10 and ive had it...maybe i should do the run/walk on both the treadmill and the road
  • Definately a good idea.

    The interval training (run/walk) buids your endurance and stamina. If you can run for 10 mins sometimes, I would probably say start at run eights mins and walk two mins, three times over, for 3 or four times a week. Two sessions in the gym and two outside.

    Then go in to run 10 walk 2, then run 12 etc. Soon you should be able to run for 1/2 hour or more non-stop. Good luck, you are doing better than me already. I am only on run 3 walk one.

    FP x
  • ok sounds perfect!! thank you...
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