Monday Session - 11 November

Okay, today is when I get crazy and experimental:

What: Try to run for a short jog (a mile, if that)
Why: To see how my foot injury is healing.

Last hard: Could be today!
Last rest: Saturday


  • Morning all. Winter has arrived in full force in Germany over the last week or so, lots of driving rain and temperatures struggling to get above 5 degrees.

    The last few weeks have also been a bit of a strain on the training front. I've definitely lost a bit of zip after the marathon (s) and am currently suffering a recurrence of the knee problems that plagued me during the summer. So current strategy is to halve mileage and cur running to four days with cross training on two (bike and rower). Oh yes and to cap it all severe pressure at work has left me a bit listless - still I have a week off next week to 'recover'.

    Don't get me wrong, definitely still enjoying my running and yesterday was a peach - one hours steady run through the woods - weather clear and crisp - lovely. Followed that up with an hour of tennis with the children so all in all a good day.

    Today: 30-45 minutes cross train
    Why: Give my legs a running break
    Last hard day: Beyond living memory
    Last rest day: Friday.
  • Long time no post it seems...

    What: Not sure but it'll last for an hour and start at 10.30

    Why: first day back with trainer following New York Marathon

    Last rest day(s): Monday 4th -Sunday 10th. Gave myself a whole week to recover from marathon and am now champing at the bit (as they say).
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    What: 'Five to six miles gradually accelerating'
    Why: Training programme oracle says so

    Last rest day: Saturday
    Last hard day: Yesterday - 20 mile bike ride (with efforts) then running - 40 min hill session. Followed by a pint of beer and that was me gone for the rest of the day.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: Hill reps
    Why: strength training
    Last hard day: Saturday
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Good morning from sunny - yes, really - Huddersfield.

    What : Swim.
    Why : Rest day.
    Last rest day : Saturday.
    Last hard day : Yesterday (fell race)
  • Morning all

    What : (AM) 3000m Swim – continuous front crawl (already done in 65mins)
    (PM) Turbo trainer
    Why : Building swim distance up

    Last Rest Day : Sunday
    Last Hard Day : Today (300m swim is hard)
    Last Hard Run : Thursday

  • That was supposed to say (3000m swim is hard)
  • Hi all. Psi, I hope your experimental run goes really well. You have to try sometime, and it sounds as if you've been very sensible about your injury.
    Martin, you sound very sensible too, in a how-DOES-he-do-all-that sort of way. I can't believe you're as old as me!
    Tim, welcome back. Your absence has been remarked upon in several places of importance. I trust the chickenpox has passed you by, and best that the children get it over with now. I didn't get it till I was 22, and it was truly horrid. My kids have all had it now, thank goodness.
    Gnasher, good to see you too. How was New York?
    Lizzy, Oracle isn't trying to dictate our training programmes too, is he? Suppose he had to go somewhere after not getting the warmest of welcomes over at Triple F.

    Anyway, enough!

    What: Hope to do a gentle 3 miles tonight.
    Why: Should be a rest day but I fancy a little run. So glad to be back. Ankle no worse following yesterday's 6.6 miles.
    Last hard day: Yesterday and Saturday were both a little bit hard.
    Last rest day: Tuesday.
  • What: 1 hr steady run at 65%WHR with running club at 5.30
    Why:training programme says so!

    Last rest day: saturday
    Last hard day: friday, 22 miler in pouring rain!

  • Morning all

    Its a clear and bright morning here in the north east.

    What: Gym at lunch time - steady 4 miles tonight.
    Why: Always do this on a Monday

    Last hard: Friday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • DOCTOR Dinosaur to you, actually, Oracle. MRS Dinosaur is my mother-in-law.

    Ooh, I get SUCH a sense of cheap triumph when I flush out a lurker.
  • What: Rest - nurse those sore calves back to health. Oh, and sports physio for (much improving) ITB.
    Why: Um, what I just said.

    Last hard: yesterday's 7 mile
    Last rest: Saturday pre-race
  • What: nowt
    Why: Always rest on Monday and a bit knackered after yesterdays long run.
    Last hard run: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Today

    Laura L,
    did you race this weekend. Did I miss your report?
  • what: rest or gym cross train
    why: why not
    last hard day: sun (race)
    last rest: sat

    found out the disadvantage of short (4.5mile) multilap races this weekend. Was lapped shortly after finishing my second of 4 laps :-((. ie he was travelling 50% faster than me and I was averaging under 7min/mile for the first time! speedy.
  • Morning all,

    lovely bright clear day today so I'll expect the run along the Thames to be packed (unlike the other day when it was raining and it was just me out there). So...

    What : 5-6 miles slow easy
    Why : Had race yesterday and got a new pb at 10miles (60:52 - still striving to get under the hour though).

    Last hard day : Yesterday
    Last Rest Day : Saturday
  • Parky - Congrats on a marvalous time - I'm still dreaming of 75 nevermind 60
  • Parky - excellent PB, in my view 10 miles under 60 is easily the hardest of the "benchmark" PB's (the other being a sub 3:00 marathon, a sub-1:30 half and a sub 40 10k)
  • Right back to it after a week with my friend Jack Daniels and flatmate who has now departed, no more distractions.
    Gym tonight - Weights
  • what: nothing
    why: designated rest day - between long run (yesterday) & quality session (tomorrow)

    last hard day: Tue
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Thu

    Parky - 6:05 pace sustained over 10 miles is great going. How much did you take off your PB?
  • Had a week of the drink because I was feeling slugish all the

    Did my usual 6 mile run this morn in 51 mins, 8.5 pace as oposed to 54 mins, 9.0 pace at which I have been stuck for weeks and weeks,
    I felt lighter quicker and had more energy, so I am quiting the drink for a while to see if it has really made that much difference.
    12 miler on wednesday, that will be a test......
  • What: 4 mile recovery run
    Why: Legs knackered after Cheddar half marathon
    Last hard: Saturday (Cheddar)
    Last rest(ish): Yesterday, gentle swim with daughter.
  • Thanks Martin,

    I really concentrated quite hard on Sunday, as I've a tendency to go off like an idiot, and tried to keep it slow for the first couple of miles. I approached it more like a half or marathon, where you hold back and can make up time later on rather than a 10k (just leg it).

    Looking forward to this coming weekend, no races, and having four days off.
  • Sorry Mike,

    only just seen your post. I've kind of reached that point where every time I set a new pb it'll be whittling seconds off so my previous best had been 61:21, so knocked 29 secs off. I guess I need to really concentrate on some speed work to get any dramatic improvements.
  • Parky - "tried to keep it slow for the first couple of miles" ?????????????....

    .......Average 6:05 mile pace is obviously some definition of slow which I've not previously heard. Also 29 secs off a PB sounds like a pretty big chunk to me.

    How does the 10-mile time compare to your Half marathon / 10k times?
  • What: 13 miles Fartlek
    Why: sunny day why not

    Last hard day: Friday
    Last rest day: Yesterday
  • Bizarely enough I've only done one half, but have run three full marathons, which was nearly two years ago and I can't really remember.

    Did a 10k last weekend and finished in 36:24. I actually broke the 36 barrier in the summer, but I know the course was short (it was a very low key race organized for the first time), and my time was so much better despite the fact that the previous week I'd finished about 36-37 mins.

    Mind you going to concentrate on stamina and endurance now by doing cross country, and being a blundering idiot I'll probably collide with the first tree I see!!!
  • What: light three miler to try torecover from yesterdays debacle.
    Why: because I'm depressed at being so rank on Sunday.

    Then: No beer, water and wine, separate times of the evening tho..
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