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To the person who sent me the anon email wishing me well for FLM etc. Just in case you didn't receive my message, just wanted to say, I'd rather talk on the forum, and I've now removed my details from the page. I know some other people have had anon emails recently. I'm sure you mean well, but I think it's best to talk here.


  • Hi Snicks, at least the one you got sounds as if it was flattering. The one I got the other day wasn't
  • Really! Yeah, mine was fine, just prefer to know who I'm talking to. Don't think they meant any offence. Does make me a bit concerned though, meeting at races etc..
  • It would nice if they bothered to sign them wouldn't it. Looking forward to Sunday?
  • Yes, it is a bit strange!
    I am looking forward to Sunday - good to see you all again, and new faces with names, perferably!
  • Do we need to report this guys? Have any of them been particularly unpleasant?
  • We've been discussing it off line Sassie. Turns out its the same guy.

    Has anyone else had any annoymous e-mails recently.

    Mine was irrating rather than unpleasant but it does leave a nasty taste
  • Is it sorted?
  • I'd say so Barkles - don't think we need be too worried. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has had anon emails, though.
  • I had all nice emails, nothing nasty I'm pleased to say. And none anon, although sometimes I've had to ask for peoples nicknames as I don't recognise their real name!
  • What's the point of an anonymous email? It must be easy enough to trace through RW. Hope Snicks and BK weren't upset by it.
  • I only ever send personal e-mails if I think a thread is going awry and if I think I may have caused upset. I've only ever done it twice and on both occasions have signed my real name and "a chimp writes" I'd only do it if I thought communicating on-line would cause further upset or embarrassment.

    BTW on both occasions, i was told that I hadnt caused upset. Had I caused upset though, I would have apologised on-line. I like a laugh but I really dont want to offend anyone. I'm pretty certain 99.9% forumites feel the same.

    There, that's my last serious message for this week!
  • I recieved an anonymous email this week,
    just a couple of lines,
    I didnt reply to it as it was unsigned,
    if a question is asked it would be nice to know who its from........
  • My anon email wasn't signed - but I know who it was from, and as far as I can see he's posted one message on the site. The address showed myself and BK the emails were from the same person. As I said my message was very encouraging and nice, BK's was not so. I'd rather do my talking on here unless it's someone I've talked to alot on here, or I've met them, that's all. Who emailed you Gaz - maybe you should email BK and we can work out if it's the same chap. How was the grammar?
  • Snickster I have emailed BK, with some info.....
  • Different person Snicks
  • RW Forum - more like Scotland Yard! Cheers Gaz
  • Surely the thought police at RW could tell you who it was/is.
    Or if they couldn't tell you, they could at least e-mail them with a warning.
  • Wasn't me was it?

    Actually my work e-mail is on here, and since i rarely get to my desk i'd probably miss it if someone e-mailed me personally, that or do some work for them....
  • I think we need to know how prolific he is and if he's been rude to anyone else. Like I said he was nice to me.

  • I've only had one e-mail from here, and that was a perfectly pleasant one from a genuine member, asking for info on Ironbridge HM. I always use my home e-mail address on things like this, as I rarely use it for anything, and, once I've checked out the other person's credentials (!), reply using my work address.
  • I've only ever had nice genuine enquiries or advice through the site, but it only takes one person to spoil it.

    Then again any abusive ones might have got lost underneath all of those African countries appealing to me to lend me their back account for a bit so that they can transfer untold riches to me. Has anyone not got that scam yet ??
  • I only get abusive ones off the moderator!
  • Talking of the Nigerian scammers, here's the story of one man's fight back against them. Absolutely hilarious.
  • could've warned me venom - goes on for hours
  • I've had no anon emails but my server is set up so that only the emails I ask for actually get delivered to my inbox. Any that look suspicious (i.e. I don't know the sender, there's no address, the topic looks like something I don't want, or the message has a big file attached)I simply delete them from the server unread and undelivered. Just in the last week I've deleted four or five with huge attachments that were most likely viruses. I never got any before I started posting on the forum - that's suggestive isn't it?
  • when i signed up tp hotmail I forgot to tick the box - oops - now i only get e-mails form people i know same as you wolfie.

    Occasionally i check the filter for good people slipping the net, and so far this year I can assess that i'll never run out of free porn, viagra, good credit rating, a mortgage , more porn, diploma's you can buy for 25 dollars - that's sounds great - if only i'd known that - wouldn't have gone to uni, loans, job offers that pay a million a week and the occasional scam.

    I tried putting them on a delete list, but got overwhelmed after 3 days.

  • No one sends me emails apart form those who pay me........ and I don't want to hear from them.
  • Nice to know your still around Snicks,sorry to see you had a problem with an e-mail,sadly there is always one.
  • Thanks Old T! How are you? Running London again?
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