With lemon and suger and butter



  • Is it Friday already!

    Hang on.....12:45 and I'm not down the pub........Oh Mercury you tease, it's Monday isn't it. Doh! :)
  • Sorry I've been at work since 0630 and I'm hungry

  • Mercury

    Wrong time of year surely?

  • It's never the wrong time of year for pancakes.
  • I thought they were only called pancakes in February, and the rest of the year they were called "crepes" because it sounds more pretentious.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    They were giving away free samples of pancakes in my local supermarket on Friday. With blueberry jam. Yum.
  • I like gravy on mine.
    Funny I know but there ya go........
  • Scotch pancakes. Hot off the girdle (yes, girdle, not griddle), sprinkled with lemon juice and sugar or spread with jam.

    Nobody would DARE call them crepes. They'd get a Glesca Kiss if they did.

    Gaz, my gran used to make something called "beggars pancakes", which were more like johnnycakes or what they call "biscuits" in the Deep South. They're lovely with gravy.
  • That one always brought a puzzled smile to my face when I'd see on the breakfast menu in Washington DC - "Biscuits with Sausage Gravy"
    I never dared try it. All the other breakfast foodstuffs were so laden with sugar that somehow it seemed plausible that their idea of a biscuit might actually be the same as mine!
  • RossB, we where in Calafornia last year and my daughter had sausage and egg biscuits for breakfast in Mcdonalds, they are not what we know as biscuits, but cant remember what they were I will have to ask her.........
  • Vrapp, Beggers Pancakes sound just the job to me.
    Hungry now.........
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Pancakes are one of the reasons I put on so much weight when I lived in USA. Getting a bit foody this thread today - methinks people are craving some winter warmers
  • Spooky!!!!!!!!
    Me and Mrs C had impromptu pancakes last evening!
    Anyone got a recipe for Scotch pancakes? This is a serious request! How about you V-rap?
  • With honey and banana


    Toast Toppers
  • with blackpepper and salt - like a big flat yorkshire pud, then after that with a few bits of very dark chocolate melted inside them!
  • Codfather, I will get out my recipe book and e-mail you my Scotch pancake recipe later. Can't quite remember it because I haven't made pancakes since doing a bumper batch for a party on Shrove Tuesday. My mum used to make them while we kids hung around like fledglings waiting to stuff them in our beaks before they had cooled. We had beggars pancakes with salt for breakfast as a special treat when staying with Gran. That or really wonderful porridge - still don't know what her secret was.

    Remember The Pancake Place? I wonder if McD put it out of business?
  • Sugar and lemon, classic, my fave.
  • Sugar and lemon but NO butter ! My wife does that - weird woman !

    We used to have a restaurant The Pancake Kitchen round here. Everything you like so long as there was a Pancake in it. I loved that place !

    Definitely a niche there to be filled.

    (as my tum needs filling now - all this talk of food !)
  • Codfather, I've just realised you can't be e-mailed from here, so here is my mother's Scotch pancake recipe.

    Sift together 8oz. self-raising flour and 2 dessertspoonfuls of caster sugar. Make a well in the centre and add one egg, one dessertspoonful of golden syrup (or treacle if you're making treacle pancakes) and enough milk to make a soft dropping consistency. Beat for a few minutes then leave to sit until bubbles rise to the top of the mixture.
    Drop spoonfuls of the mixture on to a hot, lightly greased girdle (I use the hotplate of my ancient gas cooker because I haven't inherited the family girdle yet). Turn them with a metal spatula or fish slice when bubbles appear on the surface.
    If not eating them immediately, place a tea towel on a wire rack and put pancakes on top and cover with another tea towel until cool.
    They keep for a few days in an airtight tin, freeze very well, and can be reheated in the microwave.
    I normally make a double quantity.
  • I'm Canadian, so it has GOT to be thick pancakes with maple syrup, which is truly the nectar of the gods...
  • PS: Is it because winter is closing in that there are so many warm, high carb treat threads going at the moment???

  • Vrap,
    Whoh, whats all this cooking stuff I have trouble heating up a tin of soup.
    Cant you buy frozen in the supermarket......
  • There's a fantastic pancake place in Inverness - they do waffles too. Yum yum yum.
  • Jif lemon and sweetener. Yummy. I'm drooling.....
  • V-Rap
    Thanks very much fot the recipe- We'll try them out when we return from ante-natal. I can't wait (for the pancakes that is).
  • Dayla,
    I love Canadian style pancakes too! And the maple syrup is heavenly.
    Fortunately, I also love thin pancakes - yes, I've got a lot of love to give when it comes to good food.
  • Hild, how is the thesis going? Mine is at a dead standstill, even though all I need to do is some correcting and editing. It would help if I did not have 14 hour per day job...

    Ah pancakes. All shapes and sizes will do!

  • Dayla,
    come over to the darkside where I do most of my ranting. I'm nearly done with chapter 8, out of a total of 9. Then, come January, I get 6 months to make it presentable. So basically, I can't get to sleep at night, my social life consists of watching films with my boyfriend (who is also finishing his thesis) because I'm too knackered to even think about partying, my eating habits are crap, and I wish my mum and dad didn't live 3,500 miles away.

    Bet you wished you'd never asked! But on the good side, I am progressing steadily despite all the pain (and b1tching).
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