Kent Coastal vs. Wolverhampton

Can anybody make a case for either marathon? Both are run on September 5th. I can't decide which one is best and should be run. I am thinking Kent because it is nearer to London and Wolverhampton is a 2 lap course but the Kent page doesn't give many information.

Any ideas?


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Hiya Lars,

    I can't comment on Wolverhampton, but the Kent Marathon, starting and finishing in Margate is a very well organised event (130 finishers last year).

    It's described as Flat/Undulating and is mostly flat in the second half along the coast. There's loads of detail on the Kent Marathon thread.

    The course itself is mainly coastal and I'd describe it as a back-to-back out-and-back. The first half heads East along the coast through Broadstairs and turning round at Ramsgate with the half-way point back near the Start. The second half heading West takes you along the coastal promonade to Minnis Bay with a short excursion inland. The finish is in the same small park as the start with plenty of nearby parking.

    It's also one of the cheapest marathons around at only £8 affiliated in advance.

    Whatever you decide, have a good one!


    Last year the goody bag contained a medal, mug, t-shirt and some munchies. Excellent Value!
  • well, im doing Wolverhampton
    Cos its local
    and i liked the half last year

    (adds Kent to the List)
  • OK, good report Scotty.

    But you missed the Fayreness after the race. A fantastic pub restuarant where we all met after the race to sip champagne and enjoy a good recovery meal. The restuarant is on the cliff top of Kingsgate (2km from the start and you will pass it on the way out and return of the first half).

    Kent Coastal stands as my PB out of 2 FLM and once at Abingdon. The organisation like all TRAC events is first class and whilst the turnout is low this is not I feel justified. On the last stretch returning to Margate many of the locals will be in their beach huts offering much needed sweets or water and this is such a nice touch.

    Last year I think URWFRC turned out nearly 10% of the field and the comradery between us all made the event even better. We were for example able to organise unnoficial Poweraide stations at mile 7, 13 and 18/22 and I would like to be able to repeat this again this year.
  • Now you bloody tell nme
    It will have to benext year
    is there a cut off?
  • official cut-off.

    We have had 6+ hours finishers before now. One year the chief marshall cycled round with the back markers so that everyone could finish.

    So...PH... no excuses!!!

    Lars. If you haven't had the pleasure of a trot by the sea, come on down!!

    I am sure Wolverhampton is organised by a group of dedicated running people who have given up their time to put on a race...and it is probably a bigger event than ours.

    Another advantage of the kent Coastal is that you can make a weekend out of it and do a booze cruise on the Saturday.
    Then after the race it is ice cream and and paddling in the sea....
  • Thanks all, Kent Coastal it will be. We are not planing to race for a PB just to do a longer run in company and somewhere else than along the Thames in London. Guess we are trying 4:30 - 4:40. See you all there.
  • Im REALLY cross now
    a hippo friendly race

    I mean, kent is a long way
    ive ben there last month

    next year i am there

    which train station?
  • PH, depends where you hotel is.

    but Victoria to Margate (cab to Clifftonville or Kingsgate for Fayreness) or Broadstairs

    In the alternative Charing Cross or London Bridge to Ramsgate, change and get train to above. Victoria is quicker though.

    PB since this is on my home ground I can even ensure that a G&T are waiting for you at miles 7 and 13 and of course 26.

    If this isn't enought incentive there are tons of realy good pubs all along the route if you need to use them.... (remembers Abingdon last year at this point !!!!), or to refill the fluid intake!!!

  • ashley-Im trying to forget Abingdon;)

    will deffo be there next year
  • ...stick it in the diary now PH...
  • its in, fear not
    will be a nice warm up for tooting
  • Thats the spirit....
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