Oldbury 10

I have been looking for a fast 10 to run on a free weekend.

I have a free weekend on the 26th September, but is the Oldbury Powerstation race a fast 10?


  • Can you check the records from previous years? I'm sure that you can benchmark against some of the regular rivals.

    The same weekend there is Ledbury Chase (I know nothing about that one) and Windsor Half (rolling hills, nice scenery).

    I guess that Oldbury is about as flat as Berkeley 10K. (lumpy pancake)
  • I also see Cirencester 10k same w/e.
  • wrinty

    oldbury - yep very fast and flat, pb course for the distance, all along well marshalled country lanes.

    c u there
  • Hope people don't mind me mentioning on here but am putting on a race for my daughters special school at meerbrook in staffordshire over 15k on september 19th on a testing course if anyone would like to come and support us you will be made very welcome more info e-mail meerbrook15@aol.com

    entries online at http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/events/viewevent.asp?sp=&v=2&EN=22340

    many thanks!
  • I have decided to go for it and posted my entry form for Oldbury PS10 this morning, should give me a good workout, post-Bristol HM and pre-Amsterdam HM.

    Regards Wrinty
  • The race number has turned up today #316. Just the Bristol Half to go this weekend and then Oldbury full steam ahead.
  • Boing!

    I'm marshalling - who's doing this? I need to know who to look out for!
  • K2 -
    me and lots of Bitton RR types
  • I'll be at Shepperdine farm, next marshalling point after the Windbound. Say hello as you fly past.
  • Managed to sneak a 12 miler in today, nice and easy but it seemed hard work at times. Still feel reasonably confident of sub-64 mins on Sunday.
  • K2 - look forward to waving to you Sunday - unfortunately had to pull out of a speed work session 60% of way through (completely shattered) - so not so confident for Sunday (dont tell Tyango though).

    Maybe after 4 months off it's going to take me a long time to get back to full fitness.

    May decide to write off going for a decent time in Majorca and just enjoy the trip.
  • got my number for this one and will post it tomorrow. Been looking at a map of the area trying to remember the route. Know last year lost my bearings completely and was really surprised to the power station to my right when i was expecting it on my left
  • Suddenly thinking about doing this one.

    Only done one 10 mile race so far and manage to beat that time during Bristol half a couple of weeks ago.

    Only trouble is ive got Cardiff half next weekend and worried i wont recovery in time.

    Feel very confident of knocking a couple of mins off of pb of 65:35 though.

    It sure is tempting.
  • Come on LLL - the usual suspects from the HT will be on parade - this is my comeback race after Taunton marathon without Mrs U
  • LLL we could pace each other:-)
  • You'll need good legs Wrinty!

    LLL professes to be a novice, but he sat on my shoulder for miles then burned me off in the final mile of a 10k earlier this year.

    (I think he was ratted from when I beat him at London)
  • Tell me about it, he passed me at eleven miles at Bristol a couple weeks back.
  • My ears are burning.

    Ill be there Wrinty.Ill try and run with you this time but it hurt like hell last time.

    Ill be there about 10ish.

    Good luck everyone.
  • Well that came and went.

    Great fast course,nice to have 3 drinks stations,very well done to Thornbury rc.

    Went off abit fast,first mile in 5:59 but that was my fault for trying to keep up with Nick rose.Relised after about 3 miles i was not gonna get under 64 mins so dug in deep to just finish under 65 for a new pb so cant grumble with that.

    Great to see all the usual forumites such as un derlating,Tyango,satchelfoot,Wrinty,Jw.

    Had a great chat with Nick rose after in the car park(what a lovely bloke).

    Lets go and have some guiness.
  • Another disappointing run and not just because LLL beat me again. Three weeks to get my body back in order for the Amsterdam Half.
  • Bad news LLL, you won a spot prize but left before you could collect it. Better news Mrs U is half way through it, so she sends her thanks.

    I ran 84 mins which was not bad after a four monthe layoff, although 3 mins outside my PB set at Olbury last year.

    Just managed to see off Tyango after a titanic struggle, but 2 mins down on Satchel foot who also finished one pint ahead.
  • just back from pub after sunday lunch & a beer ot two, good to meet wrinty LLL & other forumites, did 70.24 which i am quite (but not totally) happy with, who's doing Mendip Muddle then?
  • Well,well,well,fancy nicking my spot prize mrs undulating.Never mind it couldnt of gone to a nicer person.I take it it must of been a bottle of wine.

    Wrinty-Dont beat yourself up to much,im just sorry i hang in behind you for so long again.I was trying honest.

    Undulating-I keep thinking about majorca(thats the way ill spell it).Im up for it next year maybe then ill be running in those famous blue colours.
  • Well must have been one of the few GWR runners not to get a prize of some sort!!
    Another disappointing time of 1.32.48 compared to 1.28.49 last year.
    Very well organised race and my thanks go to all at Thornbury Running Club for their time and effort.
  • By heck do I feel sore today, that stumble on the start line obviously took its toll on my body. My lower right leg is painful to put weight on and my lower back is tender too.

    Just a point of note though, is that yesterdays race has the unique distinction of being the only entry in my running log that has a Background Radiation reading as well as temperature and weather.
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