Over the Hills 12K

We have set the date for the "Over the Hills" 12K multi-terrain run of Sunday 7th November. To get people in the mood for this years event we have created a Virtual run of the course which you can get to from the www.geocities.com/avonvalleyrunners, in effect giving you the opportunity to "try before you buy" - what do you think?


  • This looks ummmmmm interesting! And ........... HILLY!!!
  • What a brilliant brilliant website Wrinty.
    Absolutely First Class. Even FLM haven't got that much useful info on their site.

    I love the duck photo.
  • Boing for Wrinty!
    Is this the best?.......you're getting votes now!
  • wrinty-its brill

    but the river crosing put me off;)
  • Well done Wrinty - hopefully Bath will be there in force. Ran the course last week-end starting at the A36 steps and avoiding the section into B-o-A - couldn't ask for a better session!
  • Looks great Wrinty.Must of taken alot of time to do all of that.

    I think i may do this one.
  • Glad you folks like the virtual race - how about going for the real thing on 7th November and watch out for those crocodiles!
  • did this last year...loved it, great fun. Sadly its a week after Snowdon, so I don' think I'll be up for it. Wasn't it only 10k last year???
  • Can't get on the website!!!

    Does this get booked up before the day?

  • The AVR website for "Over the Hills" is still up at www.geocities.com/avonvalleyrunners and allows you to download entry forms or to enter online via the Runners World website.
  • Just been on the Virtual tour...looks excellent, now to decide if i wear my good road trainers or knackered XC ones any thoughs?
  • Looks like i shall be doing this one again!

    superflyguy...trainers...depends how much rain we have!
  • boing - it is only ten days away.
  • Wrinty - I'm afraid I shall be a no-show - Plantar Fasciitis has put a stop to running for the last few weeks - but best of luck with the race - hope the river crossing at Iford won't be too deep after all the rain that's being forecast.
  • Looks like an entry on the day for me. Oh, what memories those pix bring back... see you on Sunday. Paul Turner (former AVR member).
  • Just a quick note to let you all know that the race is now full and that we will be unable to accept any entries on the day.

    Good luck on Sunday.

    Regards Wrinty
  • Results for this mornings event have now been posted at http://www.geocities.com/avonvalleyrunners

    Because of the large number of hits that we are receiving on the site you may get the message "The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. Visit our help area for more information.", if so please be patient and try again later.

    Regards Wrinty
  • Great race Wrinty - thanks to you and your club for organising it so well.

  • Enjoyed the race, especially liked the sweets at the end. Was the mud shipped in specially?
  • Great race, my first half-marathon, but I came in well ahead of my expected time.

    I was wondering whether the drizzle contribute to so many people getting PBs. I find it lets you go that little bit faster before you start blowing up...
  • Sorry, posted against the wrong event - ignore me!
  • Congratulations on an excellent event. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well and cheerfully marshalled.

    Constructive criticism? Your funnel at the end should have narrowed and run on longer so that runners arriving together are pushed into single file. It would have helped the poor ladies on the finish line no end

    Looking forward to next year

  • What happened to the proposed photographer?

    Was this suposed to be the guy from Prosport photos?
  • Alan, Unfortunatley the photographer let us down at the last minute and it was very dificult to get another with less than a weeks notice.
  • ok cheers... least I didn't get a photo of shock horror as I hit the water... maybe next year then. It was good!
  • Some photos of the event have appeared on the Chippenham Harriers website you may be among them.
  • If you enjoyed running "Over the Hills" then you may like to try the "Shaw&Whitley Stampede" that I am organising with Avon Valley Runners over one of my six mile training routes around the village. More details can be found here and of course online entry from Runners World.
  • hmmm looks fun to me, no rivers sadly ;-)
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