Tuesday Session - 12 November



  • What - interval training on treadmill, 7 x 800m @ 3 min each with 3 min slow in between, so 10 k with warm up / cool down. Then core work with weights.

    Why - lazed yesterday !

    Decided I HATE Swiss Balls.

  • What: 5 miles at lunch time. My legs felt like stumps as they were still tired from last night's hard(ish) run.
    Why: I like to run at lunchtime if possible
    Last hard: last night
    Last rest: Saturday
  • Eventful session last night.

    The girls outvoted us and so the original idea of a tempo run was shelved in favour of another session of hill reps.
    After the first one, we were trotting down the far side of the hill when the fastest girl (we're talking 77:50 1/2M here) slipped & went over on her ankle. A bad injury - fortunately we were just outside a pub & so got ice on the injury fairly quickly. 30 minute delay ensued while transport home for her was arranged.
    We all restarted, chilled & clammy, expecting an abbreviated session - instead, after a mile of fartleking to warm us up again, we got another 5 hill reps. That's one (two, counting the first one) more than last time.
    Had my HRM this time; the climb one side took (for me) ~2:10 on average; the other, steeper but shorter side, just over 2 mins.
    (Avge gradient I reckon is probably about 8% - 1 in 12)
    HR climbed into the mid-high 170s each time.
    Halfway thru the penultimate climb, my legs began to signal that they felt this was stretching a point, & the last 1½ reps were a real struggle. Relieved to finish. At least there were no mile reps back to the cars this time.
    Surprised to find my legs feel not too bad this morning....
  • What : 4 miles before tea
    Why : Well why not
    Last hard : Saturday night 7 mile
    Last rest , Sunday and Monday ( first tine I'd done 7 )
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