Reading Roadrunners

Went to a club for the very first time last week to meet others would could understand my growing addition - a runners' self-help group if you like.

'Er, yeah, my name's Andy, and I'm a runner!' type of thing.

A bit nervous 'coming out,' and if anyone had seen me on my way there I would probably have said I was on my way to the pub!

I thought Reading Roadrunners was an excellently run club, although being the new boy I felt slightly ill at ease and overwhelmed by the sheer numbers at the meet.

Any others on the forum members of RR? If so, I'll see you at Palmer Park tomorrow.

I'll tell the lads I'm on my way to the 'pub' again!


  • Andy,

    Well done on your choice of club. It is a big club and yes, the numbers can be daunting, but you'll quickly settle in. On your first attendance you should have been introduced to one of the coaches, to size you up and recommend a group to train with. I've been a member for three years, in which time my half-marathon time has gone from 2:20 to sub-1:40.

    We welcome anyone - even Welshmen! :-)
  • Hi Muttley

    Yes, there was an induction process, so presumably tomorrow I'll be allocated to a group.

    Glad that there's a welcome in the clubhouse, although I have a sneaking feeling we'll have our first victory over you boys since Wembley a few years ago (one can live in hopes - the Irish did after all have a great win against the Ozzies, so you never know!).

    Will you be there tomorrow? Well done on the improvement by the way - sounds like the club did the trick.
  • I'm also a member chap. Been a member for going on 2 years now. Its a big club like you say, and the the sheer #'s can be intimidating, but its a great club! Every 'regular' is really friendly. I've yet to meet someone I've found truly dissagreeable in the club yet. And if you run any local races, the sea of green vests can often be quite the inspiration!
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