entry fee bequeath

if you bequeath your london entry fee,do you think you have a better chance of gaining entry?


  • Bequeathing your London entry fee, is not about having a better chance of getting in, its about helping charities – although those the bequeath and fail do go forward to a second draw for 1000 places

  • Hear, hear and you also get a free FLM fleece. ;-)
  • Though if i didn't get in, I wouldn't want the fleece, cos I wouldn't have 'earned' it!!! Bequeath for the charity not the fleece (for those of you not lucky enough to be fleecy by nature!!)
  • i agree that the charities benefit,but,if i want to give £25 of my money to charity i will decide who i give it to...
  • Im running a half marathon on sat 7/9,then a half-marathon on sun 8/9..
    any idea on how to pace myself so im ok after my first one?
  • Which half marathons Billy?
  • Billy

    I recently done 3 runs in a 24 hour period as part of a coats-to-coast relay team, not 1/2 marathons but still long runs – I fond the key is not the pace but what you do in between the runs:

    The key
    1) Do not to let yourself stiffen up: plenty of stretching and ice treatment
    2) Replenish energy levels: eat lots of small high energy meals between the runs

    Finally, when you have completed both runs take plenty of rest

    Good luck

  • There's a guy who has run four marathons in 22 days. Paris, London, Rotterdam and then Sheffield.


    Goodness knows how he managed it!!
  • I have a twisted theory that if you say no to bequeathing the FLM entry fee then you are more likely to get in as otherwise no monies at all can be distributed to charity!
  • I have heard Alex's theory as well.

    Personally I think its a bit of a myth as I know an even number of people who have been accepted and rejected from both scenarios.
  • I got accepted for 2002 from the ballot for people who bequeathed their entry fee.

    Most people are doing London for Charity, so the loss of the entry fee for a second chance of getting in is worthwhile IMHO.

    Anyway, I was injured last time so will be in the 2003.
  • Never thought about it like that R4YL. Good point. I didn't "donate" my fee this year either, but will donate it to my favourite charity instead, if I don't get in.
  • Nessie

    Why not see if your favourite charity or one with similar aims to your favourite charity has any guaranteed places - then you could try to get in that way if unlucky in the ballot. They'll get more money that way.

    Then if the charity you run for is one of our member charities you can build a free sponsorship web page for them.

    Good luck

    Free sponsorship webpages for the London Marathon.
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