Brighton 10K - Arrangements/Questions

Ok just a few points/questions etc.

How are people getting to Brighton and on which day?

How much is the train fare from Victoria, anyone know? (Yes I'm too lazy to look it up :) )

Who's meeting up pre-race and/or post-race on the day?

Also of those partying in Brighton the night before, shall we meet up before the meal and where/what time etc?

And after the meal?

Night before - Meal at Cafe Pasta 8pm
36 Ship Street,
Telephone: 01273 727 583

On the day arrangements as I understand are

Pre-race 10.00am - Entrance to the Palace Pier

Post-race - Pub at the end of the Pier (Name to be confined by a local please!)

Thoughts/answers anyone?




  • Oh and baggage and shower facilities?

    I can't decide whether to drive or get the train.

    I don't want to be the only one not drinking after the race. Oh sod it I'll get the train :)
  • Apparently there are shower facilities about 2k from the start (according to the ActiveEurope page).

    I'm getting the train down from Victoria, probably about lunchtime or so. Will spend the afternoon having a bit of a wander round Brighton (very exciting, seeing as I've never been there before).

    We could all arrange to meet for a pint before the meal I reckon. Perhaps mass swapping of mobile numbers is in order?
  • Yeah I think swapping mob numbers are a good idea. Ok so I've already got yours, but anyone else?

    I want to travel about that time too.

    I think I'll check out the time table and engineering works.
  • So you'll be wandering around Brighton? Sampling the deleights?!!!
  • That's the plan Jon. Should be quite pleasant. Might go to the Jog Shop as well, that's meant to have a lot of stuff that could be worth buying.
  • Looks like the fare from London Victoria is £15.10 or thereabouts.
  • No Venon... BRIGHTON?
  • Behave yourself Jon
  • Why's he got to behave himself venon?
  • I was merely saying that you could sample the delights of Brighton ie. sticks of rock, deck chairs, weird piercing shops, nice, fancy hotel rooms ... etc...
  • I'll be at the pre race thing. Don't think I'll be bringing the Snickettes to the pub -and I'm driving too.
  • Are you on or off the sauce Jon?
  • For those not already aware of it, Brighton has a reputation as a shirt lifter's paradise.

    ..careful you don't get porked Sat night in 'the Lanes' minky!
  • Well he's already been advertising on this site for someone to share his bedroom...
  • Minky is:

    A) sober

    B) aware of Brighton's reputation as a "Shirt lifter's paradise"

    C) Holding a signing of race numbers from 1pm - 1.05pm
  • Jon - could you do the race number signing slightly earlier as I have to get the train back to London at 1pm... ta!
  • Mr and I will be hoping to meet up with you guys before the race, and then will be more than happy to keep you all company in a pub for a bit later - only to rehydrate, obviously!

    We don't yet have numbers though, but we both left before the post arrived this morning, so they may be on the doormat when I get in.

    Has everyone else got their pictures and names on their shirts? I've not got that far yet!

  • I shall be wearing my name on my vest.

    I've got to do that this week.
  • you're not going to the pub? Gasp! No... I won't stand for it! I'm cancelling the signing all together!
  • If I lift my shirt will you sign my back?
  • Tattoo?

    I will be hiring out a tattoo parlour so that everyone can have a picture to remember me by?
  • I don't know why I said that son, sorry! It's your dad giving me funny ideas again.
  • back to work...
  • He's a dirty bugger isn't he?
  • You should know!
  • He's done nothing to me!!! Oh except when...
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