please can any body tell me of any quick remedies for a back spasm. I was hoping to run my first 10k in cardiff on the 5th sept, but now looking very
doubtful with this back problem.
Please help.


  • Don't know if it will help but a lot of back problems are where your stomach muscles don't support your back.

    You could try Pilates and particularly Pelvic Floor exercises. It may work and the least you could gain is a flatter stomach!
  • thank you very much for replying to me but stomach muscles are very strong
  • See a specialist. There are lots of things that could be the problem. I have had back problems for a few years now, they don't stop me running but they did stop my dance career. It's probably nothing a massage can't sort out, but it's definitely best to get someone who knows what they're talking about to take a look.
  • I am a chronic lower back sufferer - with 3 lumbar discs prognosis is 'degenerative'.

    I understand what it is like to have spasm in it's various degrees of severity.

    I manage to keep up my running throughout the year (sun, rain, cold etc.) and I am cautious as to when I feel vulnerable or weak and need to avoid the onset of spasm. You get to recognise a 'warning', which is helpful. There are times when there is no warning - these are the serious times and can be very severe (even hospitalisation) !

    Depending on your current difficulty will depend on whether you can assist your quick recovery (or not). There are some flexibility exercises that you will find at various web sites - many are offered in the Runners World site.

    An example of relieving a 'cramp' in the calf is to stretch it ! Which is very painful whilst doing it and you do not immediately feel better ! This practice can be dangerous with the vertebra / discs etc.

    Specialist sports injury practitioners would be the best advisors. I have never been able to afford such support, which the average GP will not refer you to. A GP will however refer you to an Orthopaedic doctor (surgeon etc), for a consultation. These have been of limited support to me in my past. Physiotherapists have been my best advisors, when I have had access to one that takes a specific interest in your history and checks you out for mobility & stiffness etc.

    I hope my waffle sets off some thought processes among other sufferers, who may be able to offer diverse advice.
  • I went for a 3mile run tonight, I felt pretty good until I stopped, started to stretch and felt pain straight away.
  • If the pain is worrying to you and you can not avoid it - see a doctor - why not!

    It may be that you have a slight disc protusion and the type of stretching you do causes a movement that develops nerve impingement. I am not an expert and people like me waffle forever about such things!

    It seems that you should only do very careful and limited stretching - a physio would give you excellent advice on such stuff.
  • booked in to see physio on monday, he his very good so I'll keep my fingers crossed that he can get me fit for the 5th sept
  • Sounds like you have a good plan to beat this problen. I wish you all the best with it and with your intention to run the 10k.

    If the 10k doesn't happen on 5 Sep . . . not to worry - there are umpteen such events on subsequent dates that you might target.
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed
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