Lower back/ nerve problem


Since having an op on a torn achilles a year ago I have been suffering with a nerve pain in my right thigh, which has gradually become a lower back pain on the right and is now affecting my knee, with referral through buttock/ hip. I have also started to have pains in right shoulder and neck. I have been seeing a physio since Jan, who is at his wits' end, saw a Chiro fo 17 sessions - expensive & no help whatsoever, and am now seeing an osteo - harley street, very credible, but doesn't think he can help. They all agree it's not sciatica, but can't quite put their fingers on what it is, or how to cure it.
Any ideas would be helpful at this stage - I am quite prepared to indulge in black magic, chinese herbalism or bizarre new age rituals if anyone thinks it will help.


  • just a thought - does your physio do accupuncture? I know it may be a long shot but mine does and is quite impressed by it - cant help with anything more specific as my back problems have been easily sorted -

    i have also read about footballers having problems with low slung driving positions contributing to their injury probs - so if you drive - are you sitting comfortably?

    other people will be able to offer more advice
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Can't help much personally, but my ex-sister in law had a bad back problem due to lifting (she was a nurse) and swore by the Alexander technique.
  • I had a 'bad back' for year after a netball injury,finally the disc gave way. I had physio for quite a long time which helped greatly but during that period had all sorts of problems with pain in my hip, buttock, leg due to tightening nerves and piriformis syndrome. The physio recommended Pilates and since starting things have improved greatly, its certainly worth a try but you need to persevere if you want to give it a chance. I still have physio if I have flare ups but I can run again.
    Hope this helps.
  • on the subject of acupuncture, it might be worth trying Dr Felix Mann, just round the corner from Harley Street at Devonshire Place
    (020) 7935 7575
    Great Dr, not too expensive, and would decide within much less than 17 sessions whether he could help you or not.
    Is of "advancing years" , so might possibly have retired, but was still practicing until fairly recently as far as I know

  • Thanks Guys

    I'll give the accupuncture a go, and look into Pilates.

    Has anyone had any experience of "Body Alignment Technique"? - something that I found on the web.
  • Hi!
    Village runner sounds exactly where I am now; disc problem leading to problems with painful hips and pins and needles in lower leg. Visited an osteopath who sorted me out in terms of a bad alignment of the back following the disc slipping. This guy has really helped, although I'm not running yet!
  • JezJez ✭✭✭
    Phil, Have had a few problems with back, hips etc, with two back and one knee operation scars to prove it. Obviously can't comment on your specific problem, but my physio always bangs on about the importance of stretching and core stability exercises (i.e. Pilates, or variations of), and all my relapses seem to have acurrent theme - stopped doing the exercises and stretching once the injury had improved. Has your physio given you a schedule of exercises ? If not would recommend working at the Pilates (there are loads of books around, although sessions with an instructor will ensure you get the most benefit) and stretching tons - especially those bits that have been injured or cause problems.

    My physio is in Putney - just a thought as you mentioned Harley Street.

    Good luck

  • thanks for that

    yes - my physio has had e doing loads of stretching - so much so that I have never been so flexible, but as it's neural it never seems to get better.

    I am definitely going to look into this pilates business.

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