Have I got BO?

I flippin stay behind to talk to my mates and there's no bugger here except me, Jon (who is trying to kill me I'm sure) and godzilla (who I'm convinced is an estate agent in disguise!).

Oh and chimp made a lame excuse about going for a run!!!


  • PAH! try and be nice and this is what you get! I ran at 6am today... Slumming it for the evening!
  • I'm absolutely disgusted - estate agent (sorry if any of you are) - ESTATE AGENT - I F****** Hate Estate agents


    I'm going for a run

    If i wasn't i'd stay here and stomp on you
  • Then there were two...
  • Treat em mean keep em keen type of chap are you? ummmm been having a chat about that funnily enough around the office today and all the men that say they do that ALWAYS finish their telephone convos to the Mrs with 'I love you', whispered very quietly but load enough for my big ears to pick up! I love taking the piss out of them!
  • - finance analyst - telecomms company - probably worse than estate agent -i'm very insulted
  • ooops fink I upset the big guy! even he is claiming to go for a run to get away from me flippin heck!
  • Sorry hairy one, nothings worse than an estate agent, I'm buying and selling at the moment and they are fleecing me!
  • I, on the other hand am going to slip off in just enough time for me to cook dinner and watch footy... How long does it take to cook microwave lasagne?
  • 4 mins for a 750w oven. enjoy
  • None of them must have Irish partners - mine are ususually ended... "how much did you say you'd drunk? Ok honey don't... oh you already did, ok, well i'll speak to you later then.... really.. well f*** you too then."

    Just kidding she's a gem
  • he he he I thought you were gonna say what my poor long suffering other half ALWAYS says "how much have you spent, why another pair of beige suede boots"!!!
  • theat will join the others in the cupboard of despair...because they turn unwearable after 1 night out....

    sympathise best way to annoy estate agents is to turn up - they train the, to lie on the phone, but being face to face you can cut through the bull - moved this year and it proved invaluable
  • i seem to have lost the ability to type
  • In fact Godzilla IS an estate agent... he's just lying thats all!
  • Your absolutely right. Not only do I camp out for flippin information on a regular basis but I ring them EVERY day and the no who I am before I give my name, their dying to get the whole thing sorted out to get rid of me!

    Can't think why....
  • you wish monkey - don't start stirring - go put yourself in the microwave
  • Bang.........
  • Jon was his next line going to be "you want to think about going to a House Purveyor next time, in fact I have a number for an excellent one just here......"
  • when we moved the missus went slightly psychotic with them - plus i saw her whole repertoire of blackmail and deviousness... scary

  • bada bing
  • I bet he drives a BMW, wears tacky suits, tacky gold watch and is actually called Darren
  • I wondered why my other half has left it all to me, men are mice when it comes to selling houses.....leave it to the fair but firmer sex lads!
  • jon stick yourself in the freezer for a couple of days gets those scorch marks off your fur (or knitwear)
  • Firm? Sex? In the same sentence? DANGEROUS!
  • ummm and I bet his Beemer is dead low to the ground (soz don't know mechanical term) and pumps out load tunes too!
  • Ok Godzilla...

    Wolfy, He's really great to me isn't he?
  • Steady on, calm it down jon what with lasso's and the above to words we could be heading into dangerous territory here..............
  • I couldn't afford a beamer - true salesman car i'm afraid - the suits are tacky - plastic - nike watch

    and shame on you it's john
  • I see the danger... Line officially crossed! Ha! Thats better!

    G!!! Shhhhh...
  • that's not plastic suits - plastic watch
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