Terror on the Towpath



  • ROFLetc... excellent!
    I thought "Terror on the towpath" was an urban legend until I saw this! :))
  • boing!
  • not again pleeeeeeeeeeeease

    my sides have only just recovered from before!
  • i need oxygen!!!
  • its brilliant innit
  • One of the funniest ever!
  • Thanks Hippo - one of the classics!

  • an oldie but a goodie!



  • Thanks for finding this again hipps.

    Possibly the forums funniest thread.

  • and again, specially for Dr Nic...
  • image Oh thank you - I just went to find this. Tee hee!
  • and i found it too!  thanks image
  • This is great image

    Mind you, you wouldn't catch me running round that canal in the dark... image

  • boing
  • It's the names of the forumites as well as the stories. Good times. I miss those guys.
  • Hahahahahaha everyone in my office now thinks I'm insane due to the strange noises I've been making trying not to laugh!

    Not sure how I ended up on this thread but worth it!








  • Talking of the ones that go down in history ....  I see its had a few bounces but got to be worth another one

    Read from the front ... its a good core workout    image

  • mentioned on another thread so worth an annual boing  image

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Thanks Seren - spookily I was just thinking about this thread the other day. 

    Is Chimpy still around?

  • hasn't posted for the last 2 years.....not sure of anyone knows them in real life

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Very funny thread, hadn't seen it before.  Should be boinged regularly!

  • Ha ha - this thread is great and I empathise.

    Thought I'd share a story from Saturday morning...


    I set off running into a forest I've never been in before at 6.45, when it was pitch black.

    At one point an undefined animal crossed my path. I just saw the outline of its body and the eyes reflecting back my head torch light.
    I convinced myself it was a cat and not the other option; a wolf that was circling me and looking to call in friends to rip my still breathing flesh from my bones.
    I didn't freak out and stayed fairly chilled.
    A little further on I crossed a gate when I saw shapes and eyes in the dark and did get a little panicked.
    I made a noise a little like 'Aye..argh...fu...ah....oh.
    The 'oh' was when I realised they were just cows. One of them did moo fairly aggressively at me when I passed them again later but reckon he was moaning about being woken before sunrise.


  • Oh this thread is good for the soul image

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