Wednesday Session - 13 November

My Training postings are rather dull of late, but never mind:

What: No running. Might do some other PT.
Why: Still injured, irritatingly.

Last hard: Yesterday; 10 mile fast cycle followed by swim.
Last rest: Today.


  • Speedwork
    Oh yes
  • what: 5 miles recovery
    why: hill reps yesterday

    last hard run: Tue
    last rest day: Mon

    looks like it'll be a wet's a pretty miserable Novemeber day here on Merseyside.
  • Hi all.

    Why :Because I work nights and im very tired and ive still an ankle injury.

    Last Hard:Sunday
    Last Rest:Mon,Tues,Weds.

    Have a good run all!!!!
  • Great 2 hour run last night, absolutely knackered when I got back but the satisfaction of doing it and keeping up with the others was amazing, knees are a bit stiff this morning, so will probably have rest day today.
  • Morning all - alas the weather is back to normal. Wet and foggy!

    What: Cross training in gym
    Why: No running today - I'm not playing catch up this week. I've managed to keep to my schedule - first time for ages.

    Last hard: Great hill sessions yesterday
    Last Rest: Saturday
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Absolutely chucking it down in Sheffield today! Excellent as I love running in the rain, specially when it's really cold as well. Can't wait for the snow & hail.

    What: AM - nothing (too soon after last night's tempo session which included 5k in 18:30), PM - 10 miles steady pace
    Why: Mid week longish run
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Friday
  • what: nothing again
    why: life intervenes with training
    last hard day: sun
    last rest: tues

    hopefully 2 consecutive days rest will help the injury niggles. Good test for the week off I plan early december....
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all!

    Mmm, bit grey here, only just getting light and fresh snow on the ground (about 2 mm which means slippy slidey running!)

    What - 6 miles easy, maybe a swim later if I get all my work done.
    Why - midweek recovery run after 3 full-on training days

    Last hard day -yesterday - 5 x 4min efforts with 3 min recoveries during a 8.5 mile circuit. Despite the jogs in between each session, did a pb for that circuit of 1hr.02 mins (doesn't sound that fast but there's a killer hill at the start and it's nearly all off road and v. wet and slippery). Next goal - under an hour for that circuit!
    Last rest day - Saturday.
  • The rain's stopped in Leicester at the moment, so I'll be heading out in the next hour or so for a recovery run.

    This was going to be the first day of HR training today, but the damn thing's turned up minus instructions (bought it through e-bay - doh!)

    If anyone's got any idea how to make a Cardiosport Autozone work, answers on a postcard please.
  • What: Swim
    Why : recovery from hill reps.
    Last hard : Yesterday.
    Last easy : Monday.

    Siling it down in Huddersfield - should help to mitigate the consequences of the Fire Service strike.
  • What: nothing for me today, taking an extra day or 2 off this week prior to the Worksop 1/2M on Sunday.
    Why: because I like to be well rested before I race.
    Last hard run: Last night
    Last rest day: today.

    Mike S,
    sorry to hear about one of your running club members hurting herself. Sounds like you had an excellent session. You'll definitely find that recovery from the club runs improves with time, although I always make the day after an easy one.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Filbert, you could check out their website at

  • What: rest day
    Why: waiting in for men

    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Sunday
  • Morning all

    Raced the club handicap last night – about 6mile – and took over 2 mins off my PB but only managed 2nd place – average HR was almost 94% MHR (it hurt) - actually do my post race analysis I ran a good race, maintaining a steady HR throughout only deviating from 91% to 96%

    What : Spinning session at lunch time
    Why : Have to improve my cycling for next years TRI season

    Last hard Day: Yesterday (see above)
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

  • Hi all.

    What: Weights this evening. Maybe a bit of swimming or stepping if I can fit it in before the gym closes.
    Why: It's Wednesday.
    Last rest day: Yesterday. And Monday. I love my job, but sometimes it interferes SO much with my life!
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Phew! You lot make my hard sessions seem like a walk in the park!

    What: 2.5-3.5 miles recovery.
    Why: 5-mile tempo run last night. This was two laps of my 2.5 mile circuit, which includes a nice downhill section to start, a steep uphill ascent mid-way, another short downhill section then the remainder a steady but gentler uphill. Ran the first 2.5 miles in 16:09 but took 21 minutes to do the second circuit. Kind of negative splits in reverse! I guess it wasn't really a tempo run as I should have started slower, built up to near-10K target race pace for the middle 3 miles, then decelerated for the last mile. Oh, well.
    Last hard: Yesterday.
    Last rest: Monday.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    'fess up time : didn't do last night intervals as was too busy during the day and was shagged out by the time I got home.

    So to today,glorious sunshine after yesterdays constant downpours.

    What : 2.3 mile warmup on muddy fields, 8*300m fast with 150m jog recovs (or 12 laps of a sodden footy pitch),2.2 mile jog home.
    Very wet underfoot,plenty of surface water and streams with burst banks.
    Why: continued off road training,my legs certainly notice the difference!
    Last Rest : yesterday
    Last Hard : Sunday
  • Afternoon all,

    still here and haven't been given the boot yet (which is nice).

    What : Nothing - got into work too late and will have to stay late also
    Why : see above
    Last Rest : Yesterday (hey lets make this an easy week!)
    Last Hard : Sunday

  • What: 3 miles easy
    Why: having an easy week this week prior to Gosport 1/2M
    Last hard day: Sun
    Last rest day: Mon
  • God, it's enough to give anyone a mental kick up the backside reading these training posts. Lizzy - that's a fast time in my book.
    Well done on your PB WW, sounds like very hard work.

    What: 1st 5K race, local community fun run. How much faster per km should this be compared with a 10K? My PB is 48.08, was thinking around 23 mins something was a reasonable target.
    On the other hand if I can drag my 13yr old away from her CDplayer I might run with her and not worry about time.
    Why: opportunity to run in the evening. It's too dark in my village.
    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • What: rest
    Why: rationed by evil physio

    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Monday
  • Laura

    Your probably looking at closer to 22 than 23 with a 48 min 10k - I find when only running 5k you dont need to think as much about pace - I just seem to take my brain out and go for it
  • What: 8.6 very muddy miles
    Why: Thought I would take advantage of the daylight and run offroad. A bit wet and muddy for my liking as I only had my old road shoes on - need to invest in some x-country ones
    Last hard run: Today
    Last easy run: Yesterday

  • What: 12.3 mile long run, started out to do 11.5 but was feeling good.
    Why: its Wednesday.....

    Last: 6 mile fastish Monday

    Next: 7.5 / 8 mile friday
  • What: brisk 5 miles
    Why: have a 10K in two weeks and needed to ask my body some questions (will get the answers tomorrow!)
  • Did it - 5 K handicap race, 3 laps. It was nice going off in groups instead of being left behind for a change. 22.59, but I won't setting any targets to improve that unless it happens by accident - 10 K is my minimum distance, anything less just hurts too much!

    With last Sat's race that's the 3rd intensive session in a week, no more speedwork until next Monday, thank God!
  • Well done!
  • Well done Laura, but I'm sorry it's put you off what I regard as my favourite distance.
    Had a dead slow recovery - 5 miles in just under 38 mins. Legs were still feeling the effects of last night's hills.
  • Great time Laura! good for you.
    What: 8 miles or so with club, a bit of speed and hills in there too
    Why: I've been a slob
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: yesterday
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