Wednesday Session - 13 November



  • Well done Laura, that's a very good 5k time. I too find 5k's hurt too much. Mind they're over quickly!!

    What: 10 miles steady pace, followed by swimming lesson to improve technique.
    Why: wanted a slower run after race at weekend and time trial last night.
    Last hard: last nights time trial 2.8 miles at 5k pace followed by 5 miles of undulations @ quick(ish) pace.
    Last rest: Monday
  • What an active day everyone has had !

    What : 6.5 miles in beautiful sunshine around London's parks - including seeing the royal horseguards troop by (presumably for the opening of parliament)

    Why : get out of the office
    Last hard : speedwork yesterday
    last rest : Mon

  • Mr C, the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment are a sight to behold! Much more interesting than the Foot Guards IMO.

    Just adding this post to whine about my foot injury, which is now almost certainly a stress fracture to the heel bone. GRR.
  • what: rest day
    why: i am very very drunk

    last hard: oooh er missus
    last easy: monday
  • PSI, commiserations. Do you get time off work in your line of business?

    Mike, I was thinking of you tonight, knowing you like 5Ks. I really do find it awesome the speed some people were putting on - 17-18 minutes.

    Joking apart, how much is it just what you're used to, and how much is inherent suitability? Are different constitutions better at short vs long distances or is it just what we train most at?
    I just keep thinking I know I'm not a sprinter, but this really nice encouraging woman at the club said she thought I'd only got a mental barrier about it.

    Has anyone broken through a mental barrier, or do we all know in our heart of hearts what our strengths & weaknesses are and should basically not fight them?

    Hmm, might post about that separately sometime.
  • Laura - I look forward to the post!
    I think it's basically a function of what you're used to. I wouldn't say I was "inherently suited" to 5K (probably better suited to longer distances), but I've done a lot of them.
    You may indeed not be a "natural" sprinter, but it's perfectly possible to acquire through training the improvement in speed you need to run shorter distances.
  • Laura, I'm a reservist, so I get at least 5-6 days a week off ;)
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