Hartshill Heartbreaker 10

This is only just down the road from me! Who do I contact re entering? If I'm not ready for this year's who will be organising it next year. Can they email me?


  • is it on the South downs?????

  • I hope this is in Nuneaton because that where I live and Hartshill has a really nice country park with lots of chipped bark lined paths. However as my partner is quicker than me I don't want to run in parks without a trusted person of the same speed as me.
  • phew

    i think i mean Hartings hill, and you could NOT run up that!
  • its 10 miles through mud puddles and bracken usually a good turnout and run by sphinx ac see you there if you do it i run for hinckley running club , you can enter on the day i think
  • Wildebeast,

    Do you know of any running clubs in Nuneaton apart from Nuneaton Harriers/
  • helen
    sorry about the delay i only get to use the computer at work ,there is one other club george elliot striders but i dont know anything else about them ,your welcome to come and jog with us if the harriers are too elite for you, tuesdays and thursdays athinckley leisure centre 6.15 pm.
    hartshill heartbreaker is on 14th november address in this months runners world see you later wildebeast
  • there will be a field of about 250 all standards and loads of marshalls you wont get lonely
  • According to Nuneaton Council's website the Etone sports centre runs a women only running group - might be worth checking out.
  • Helen,
    It is a great race - run indeed by Sphix AC.
    Website: http://www.sphinxac.org/

    Great club, I used to run for them and hope to return to action for them in the Brum x-country league. Have run the HH!! It is tough but is a great race.
  • Alan,

    not before time either! we need you in the xc

    Dave McLean
    Sphinx treasurer (not chasing subs!)

    I will keep people posted here with the latest on the Hartshill.
  • Hi all,

    I've looked at some of the clubs on the net and found some too structured. In addition to this I'm at college on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Once the term starts I know I will have a shed load of work to do as it will be the final year and also work full time on a shift patern.

    So maybe a flexible training partner would be a better option. What does everyone think? I don't want to put my running on hold especially as I've only just started again after a 10-12 year break.
  • Hey Helen! You might even see me and my dodgy knee there at the race! Its going through a bad phase at the mo, so any advice I gave you about returning to health ignore!!

    The long distance runs combined with snowboarding isn't really a good combination, evidently!

    Good luck ,just run as and when you can!
  • Dan

    On the whole your advice was top notch. I have the advantage of a semi protective partner who has BANNED me from skiing!!!

    I really don't know if I will be doing the race in November as I', just about to start the final year of a part time HNC course and with the job I've got I have to do 2 lots of shifts per week just so I can finsh early on college days. Doing 10.00-19.00 on Monday, Wednesday & Friday then 07.00-16.00 on Tuesday & Thursday some weeks possibly followed by Saturday morning if I'm rotaed on and fitting in college work is no fun. I hope the results at the end will lead to a better job so I guess it will be worth it.

    Anyway if my running goes to pot there is always next year's Flora Light. Then a longer run after it. My big mouth isn't going to get me in trouble just yet by saying which distance!
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