There is an interesting article/letter in this month's RW about smoking and how it can affect your health. I think that it was brilliant and compact, so much so, that I have photocopied it and put it on the notice board at work in the hope that smokers might just get the hint about their early demise to the grave. Anyone fancy doing the same?
I can also claim (quite honestly) that I have never even put the butt of a cigarette in my mouth, let alone 'tried one', in 38 healthy years of life. Can anyone beat this? I'm sure someone can.


  • Like you, Skippy, I'm 38 (and a half) and have never KNOWINGLY smoked anything. However, there is in existence a photograph of me at a hospital party, circa Christmas 1987, with a fag between the fingers of my extended hand. I can't imagine having put it in my mouth, but can't be sure. I was well sauced.

    I claim no personal victory for common sense. My parents both grew up with smoking fathers and were rabidly anti-smoking themselves, so smoking was just an irrelevance when I was a child. Then, when I got to "experimentation in the bicycle shed" age, my grandfather died of lung cancer, aged 66. My other grandfather had COPD and was always coughing and spitting and sending for my dad in the middle of the night.

    My workplace is plastered with anti-smoking posters because it's a surgery, and we have a brilliant pharmacist across the road who does smoking cessation counselling and a sared-care nicotine replacement programme with us.
  • I can't beat that Skippy - I can only equal it.. I too am 38 (and a half) and have never smoked.. this is despite having a mother who chain-smokes! I say I've never smoked - which I haven't, but I bet my lungs are not 'clean', cos of everyone else's bloody smoke I've inhaled over the years... oooh don't start me off!!!
  • Hey, Michelle, d'you think we're identical twins who were separated at birth? We're about the same size, after all, and have a few things (OK, a mutual fondness for felines is the only one that springs to ming immediately) in common! When is your birthday?
  • V-Rap - yes, must admit that did cross my mind too!! My birthday is April 2nd - when's yours??
  • pain this
    i dont diapprove of cannabis, but as Ive NEVER even tried a ciggie, it is forever a lost pleasure
  • There blows that theory then, Michelle. Mine's 14th March.

    I'd rather have a consultation with somebody who's toked up on ganja (and I frequently do) than with somebody who's sauced and ready to fight or puke, but never been particularly tempted to try the we-e-e-e-ed myself. Although I'm told it's brilliant for period pain.
  • Gave up two years ago and it's one of the best decisions i've ever made. I dread to think how much money it's cost me, but in the end it was the health side of things that made me give it up.

    I can't even remember how or why I started. Neither of my parents smoke and my grandmother died of smoking related diseases when I was about 10, I guess it was just part of "growing up".

    As for cannabis, i'm contractually obliged to denounce it as an evil and socially despicable controlled drug.
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