any suggestions?



  • Synchronised trampoline
  • nude mud wrestling
  • dominoes !
  • egg and spoon
    sack race
    hanging a spoon on your nose
  • thought syncro trampoline was already in ?
  • synchronised farting
  • 3 day event farting - dressage - cross country
  • road luge
    downhill inline skating

  • Sking - a brit might win when there's no snow
  • shopping - definately a good one for Britain... in fact, it might be my olympic chance!!
  • Definitely............

    Bombing in the pool. Points for highest splash, most ornate splash pattern. Directional uniformity, redness of 4rse afterwards, sproinginess of beer gut from the board to the water.

    Obviously, different weight classes apply.
  • I do believe that the 'running bomb' is the highest level difficulty of any dive. Just that it soooo hard, none of the competitors ever feel up to its myriad challenges....
  • Used to know a guy for that. Entered with legs at right angle to water at full pelt. Brought crooked arms forward for maximum effect in the bomb. Could send a plume of water 20 feet horizontally I swear.
  • Cream cracker eating, pie eating, boiled egg eating and chocolate milkshake eating
  • that would be chocolate milkshake drinking, actually :D
  • one mile orange nose push (as seen a couple of days ago click here )
  • that's fantastic!

    but is that really an orange? now make him eat 3 cream crackers as he does it and we're onto a winner
  • oranges would need to be tested for banned substances of course
  • any sport that would encourage the mongs to restrict their Paula comments to any one of the myriad Paula threads instead of posting them all over the place
  • LarsLars ✭✭✭

    was he participating for the Chinese team in Athens?
  • if there was mandatory drug testing for oranges, would only organic oranges be able to compete then?

    by the way, syncronised trampoling sounds brilliant!
  • Airsoft
    LAN Gaming
    TV Marathons
    Verbal abuse
    Anything to do with farting

    I hear before the official start of Athens 2004 some disciplines had already been in progress. Disciplines such as speed building, rapid digging and extreme welding.
  • VoodsVoods ✭✭✭
    I've said it before, but Twister should definitely be included. Could be in the Gymnastics section. Get competing nations to go against each other. Best contortionist gets gold :o)

    Would have to wear similar costumes to the Beach Volley Ball ladies teams :o)

    How about British Bulldog as another?
  • Leg shaving? Ladies only.

    Erm, kissing, like we (well, not me, I was playing with cars, I think) used to at primary school. First to lose interest loses.
  • VoodsVoods ✭✭✭
    For the Winter Olympics - what about best 'handwriting' using urine?

    Not sure how they'd carry out drug testing on this one guys - just don't eat the yellow snow is all I'm saying :o)
  • Brilliant Voodoo!

    A boat race would be good for the Olympics; that is downing a pint and running 400m (or whatever), then repeat. Last person standing is the winner! You could vary it by doing other disciplines with the drinking, eg pole vault. Now that is what I'd like to see! Drunken pole vaulting!

    (or drunken 110m hurdles, like that Russian lass tonight) Oooof! That had to hurt!
  • Pole dancing??
  • Re pole dancing, we already have the women's gymnastic floor event...
  • throwing the welly
  • Sorry : I meant Poles .... dancing..
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