Needing comfort

I haven't run since May. MAY!! Can you believe it. I have an injury to my calf muscle and it's sent my knee out of kilter. I have reached the stage where I send green eyed vibes to all those running by as I drive.
I always knew I was addicted and I'm amazed I've made it this long without running.
I don't even read the Runners World magazine as soon as it arrives at the moment. Some words of comfort, of hope and something to blank the £35 I have to hand over the physio on every visit would be very welcome!


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I really feel for you. But please remember that you MUST let your injury heal properly before you try to run again. You could end up being out for longer if you are tempted to run before you are ready.

    Have you considered an Aquajogger? It's supposed to be a very good simulation of "real" running, and good for rehabilitation. Ok, you look a complete plonker at the swimming pool, but.......
  • Know the feeling.- I've had 6 weeks of no running at all.- And I've been hardly able to run since April, so I know how you're feeling.- I glower at all the runners I see when I'm out cycling too :0(

    I agree with Nessie though.- Letting it half heal and trying to run on it will probably leave you worse off than when you started.-

    Good Luck
  • Oh don't - I've been a complete pain in the @rse this week - I've knackered my proformis dooberry and although the pain is easing (gradually) - I've been a right whingy little s0d because I want to go for a run. And this is after just a week, imagine how bad I'd be if I couldn't run since may like you. Ermen - I really feel for you - I hope the physio manages to sort it out.
  • I`ve been stopped for a month now with calf injury, thought I`d go out for run tonight because I felt better but think I`ve agrovated it again. So looks like its back on the bike for another couple of weeks, really missing the running now.
  • Thanks for the sympathy :-) It helps to vent sometimes doesn't it? Unfortunately my physio won't allow me to do any exercise except swimming, even upper body weights are out as it puts strain on the leg! I'm getting a little tummy now, as sit ups are out of the equation!
    Thanks for the advice on not running Ip. I've made that mistake before though, so won't be repeating it. I guess I'll just sit around, swim a bit and surf the net a bit more!
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