New Rate A Race Feature on RW

We've just set a new events-rating feature live here on, and we'd love to know what you think of it

Now you can say what you think of a race and give it a score, from the bottom of any race listing. Your ratings will be carried forward from year to year as a permanent record.

Do try it out, and see what other people have said about races (we've imported ratings from our previous polls). You can find any event as normal from the main event search page, or scroll to the bottom of these sample listings:

London Marathon
Abingdon Marathon
Bath Half
Beachy Head Marathon

The bottom of the listing shows a short summary of the ratings - if you click 'see all comments and ratings' you'll see full details, like this:
Great Gorilla Run

You'll also notice that we've changed the event-search page so you can find events in the past, to make rating easier.


Sean, RW


  • don't bite our hands off...
  • very good, just added my thoughts to GGR rating :o)

    btw Sean - it's 5pm on bank holiday friday, you really expect this place to be busy?

    Infact what am I still doing here?

    [door slams]

  • I think its an excellent idea, Sean.

    Pudsey 10k

    Race overall. 98%
    Location 4%
    Food option 8%.

    (Sorry, just been perusing Thomsons holiday brochures)
  • Hold on a minute.

    Am I being fick?

    Doesnt the race disappear from the events page once its run? If so, how can you rate it??
  • aha...

    we've changed the event-search page so you can find events in the past

  • Me like.
  • Ok, so how does this profit you? {there has to be money in it somewhere}

    What are the odds that the Feelfine London 10k gets a good rating?
  • London=British
  • (Chimp puts on bestest Welsh accent)

    It's just a bit of fun, Dodge. Just a bit of fun.
  • Oh,

    {can sniff a conspiracy when he sniffs it}
  • Sean, this is what I've hoped would come, it's an excellent idea.
    I have tried to rate all my races in 04 as I've done them :-)

  • Yup like it.

    Especially being able to search on past races.

    And seeing everybody's scores and comments.
  • ooooh sean its brill

    im going to have hours of fun putting in previous races
    i have vented my spleen about cardiff 2002
  • Only UK or overseas can too?
  • Excellent idea but I can't see how to add a comment. Clicked on the Bath race and "add rating", but 2004 doesn't appear in the dropdown list. Am I missing something?
  • HI RC

    you can't rate a race more than once for a given year, and we've already importedyour 2004 rating from the old system

  • LA I have just rated at british race, but I have aske the nice Mr Fishpool if he can add and oveseas section, as lots of runners go to far flung places running. It would be a great bonus.
  • Sean : I rated the BUPA Great Manchester Run 10K for both 2003 and 2004 and neither appears. Are you still importing ratings?

    Also on page 2 of the ratings there are two ratings with no name by them. What does this mean?
  • Wiz

    we couldn't match all the old ratings with member names - mainly where members' email addresses had changed since their original rating.

    That's why some of them are blank at the moment, though I've asked our developer to show those names without links to member pages if he can

  • Looks good Sean - there's a couple of mine seem to have gone AWOL somewhere along the way but I'm not going to gripe (probably never sent them).

    Only comment to note is that I've rated a couple of races that don't appear in the list.

    One, the Kendal 10K, doesn't appear ever to have appered in the events listing so thats the organiser's problem.

    The other is the Langdale half a couple of weeks ago - I don't know why but you only ever had a listing for the full marathon so the results have disappeared for the half - seems a shame as there was a forum thread and about half a dozen peole seemed to enjoy it. I accept that the 'inconsistency' probably comes down to what you were asked to list again.

    I guess the question is what happens to ratings for unlisted events? Are they simply vanishing into the ether or could there be some sort of miscellaneous/pot luck bin to keep them in?
  • For overseas ratings I have a bunch of 2004 Spanish events. Where to send them as a block please?
  • Hi,
    Must be missing something but if the event is not listed how do I create a new rating.
    I'd like to express my thoughts about the Criklade 10k which I signed up for on this site.
  • Hi TPM

    Good point - alas at the moment, it's not possible to rate sub-events independently of the main events - in this case the Cricklade Half.

    For now the next best thing would be to rate the 10K under the Half heading, just make it clear it's the 10K.

    If we ever rebuild the events system, we'd make sub-events like 10Ks work differently, I think - more like events in their own right. Just fun runs would be subsidiary events.

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