Thursday Session - 14th November



  • What: 5 miles in the rain at lunch
    Why: to get out of the office and listen to my audiobook - bliss :)
    Last hard: Monday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • Feeling virtuous

    What: 6x800m@15kph w/400m jog recovery on t’mill
    Why:variation on 10*400m, but so full of it after 2 days off did 6 instead of 5
    Last hard day: sun tempo/race
    Last rest: tues & wed

    So why so virtuous: well I usually do my 400m intervals at 14.6kph, but having done 4.5mile race at 14.1kph I felt I had up the speed for the intervals…and I then realised that
    15kph is a 20min 5k and
    if I didn’t need the recoveries
    and I could do twice as many
    and I gave myself a little incline
    then I’d be on for a sub 40min 10k
    which is about as likely as Osama bin Laden taking his pet pig El Al from Baghdad to Tel Aviv…

    oh well maybe one day
  • What: 8 miles easyish
    Why: Clocking up the miles
    Last hard run: Yesterday
    Last easy day: Todayish

  • 5 - mile turned to very wet seven mile at an easy pace

    why - mad for it - felt angry about first two naff miles
  • 3.8 mile acceleration run as planned. Finished with a mile at 5:57. Hopefully should have enough in the tank for a long hard effort tomorrow.
  • Hi all - haven't joined in here before but I thought it was about time I did.

    What: 40mins (4.3miles) on treadmill
    Why: It's my birthday and running in the rain would have just been too depressing
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Monday

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    OOO bit late I know!
    Busy all day - met another employment agency having endured SWT and the tube.
    Got home to find the wife in distress as 4yo nativity costume (she's the innkeeper) has to be in by next Friday.Toured the town looking for ideas and finally got something that can be doctored......
    Managed to make it out later just as the heavens opened.
    What : 8 miles allegedly easy pace, turned out quicker than expected (57m as opposed to 64).
    Measured HR avg 163, noted that I have to work out max at some stage.Did note that resting beforehand my HR was down at 36.
    Why : steady midweek run (?)
    Last Rest : Tuesday
    Last Hard : Wednesday
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