Lovely, Lithe & Learned Thurs 14th Club

Morning All!
Very cold, wet and windy this morning - still go for it folks!
Lots of luck and prayers for all with special things happening today.
Hope all sprogs are better now.
Have a "Happy Thursday".

Sorry to start so early - very cheeky!



  • Not so cheeky Hilary - they've been started at about 00:02 in the past!

    Quite lucky last night, pleasantly windy and the off road bits were nice and soft, splashy even in places, but it didn't rain.

    Highly nutritious (not) bowl of sugar free muesli for breakfast. Thank goodness the sandwich truck calls at about 9.30.

    Have a good day everyone.
  • And best of luck today Benz!
  • Good luck Benz!
  • morning!

    today: 4miler tempo (want to see if my new trainers help me run faster!)

    by the way - went to get weighed at weightwatchers last night - i've now lost 21 pounds since april and that's 10% of my body weight!! i was very chuffed with myself so i gorged on fish and chips for dinner - yum yum! six weeks to christmas - i wonder if i can lose another 7 pounds?

    have a good day everyone!
  • Morning all and what a wet one it is here - it's pouring down. Hamstring still a bit tender so not going to run until Sunday. Weather forecast is looking dire so we should all get nice and wet!

    Good luck to Benz.

    Good luck to anyone weighing in today.
  • Glenn
    Bacon butties for Children in Need next door
    [evil grins]
  • Nick, sadly couldn't be bothered to drive over to Hemel in all this bluster. Sadly because I could do with a bacon butty right now. You up for another track session next week?
  • Good morning everyone.

    Big prayers for Benz. You'll blow 'em away, you know you will!

    Feel for you, Glenn - I can't tell the difference between sugar-free muesli and the bottom of a hamster cage except that the latter sometimes has a bit of flavour and moisture to it.

    Angelmouse is better today. She wanted some shivery bites to share with her classmates after swimming today, so I gave her some little chocolate butter biscuits that were in the freezer. She has labelled them "Taste Better Than They Look Biscuits". Monkey!

    Kevin was nice this morning. Hope it lasts all day.
  • Glenn

    - oh well I'll have yours [tee hee].

    Well known fact, all food consumed for charity contains 0 calories.

    PS you're on my to do list to email with possible dates, I really enjoyed the session on Tuesday and, despite what you said, felt like I'd worked hard afterwards
  • Dammit, Nick, so I COULD have had a cake with my coffee at the McMillan coffee morning?

    Kevin's school did deep-fried Mars bars for Children in Need yesterday. Kevin's friend had one and said she could feel it going straight to her hips afterwards. Scary talk from an 11-year-old.

  • Bad start to the day foodwise - two sausages, two slices of bacon and beans on toast ... with a decidedly unskinny cappuccino.

    I feel a new leaf has to be turned over.
  • Morning,

    Yesterday's cheque presentation went well and the hospital were so pleased that they've roped us into doing a 10k multi-terrain run in March! (Josie Jump - I take it all back about being certifiable!)

    After three months of nowt but running and press-up/sit-up sets I'm venturing back into the gym this morning to do a maximum heart rate test (now i've got the HRM sussed). This will also be my first weigh in for some time, so i'm hoping to have hit the sub-14 stone mark.

    On a different subject, does anyone else experience difficulties logging on in the evening? I'm getting broadband in the new year, but for now my dial-up connectivity is terrible and I couldn't get anyway near the site last night. If I didn't know better, i'd swear Mrs Filbert has something to do with it.

    Finally (in this post, not in importance) good luck Benz.
  • V-rap
    Isn't it a strange route kids go down from saying things because they parrot what they hear their parents or TV people say to actually believing them to be true.

    Yes scary & very difficult to find a way to strike a balance as a parent between encouraging healthy behaviour and discouraging obsession with weight & shape. All I know is I don't get it right all the time, but care enough to try.
  • Slowpoke
    In our office today that would have cost you £3 for Children in Need, lob it in a pot somewhere & it'll become calorie free
  • I've had the occasional bit of "How far would have to walk/swim to work off a deep-pan three-cheese pizza" or "I've got to lose some weight because I don't want a belly like Daddy's" from Kevin, but take full responsibility for the latter because I'm the worst for giving Daddy a hard time about his modest-sized gut. Apart from HIS mother, who ALWAYS says something like "I can see 'oo's 'avin' the next one, then, ha, ha," when she visits.

    Wish I'd prepared better for Children in Need. Could have organised Pudsey biscuits for Ivor's school's tuckshop. It's probably more useful just to send a cheque with a Gift Aid letter, but not as much fun.
  • There was an article in the Telegraph yesterday that said that people were now visiting their doctor with similar symptons to their favourite soap characters.

    Apparantly because someone in East Enders had a brain tumour, people are concerned that their headaches are not just headaches.

    I wonder if the reverse would apply. If all these soap characters had happy healthy lives, would the gp's waiting lists go down in numbers?
  • Waiting lists might go down because there is just an outside chance that without the traumas people would stop watching soaps and get some exercise instead.

    Or am I being over-optimistic again?
  • Morning all

    Its currently blowing a gale outside my office window – So tonight’s 8miler will be a bit of a challenge :o)

    Filbert – I wish I could get broadband – I suppose that’s what I get for living in the hills :o(

    Brain tumours are something that have to be taken serious and if you are genuinely worried about ‘insist’ that the doc sends you for a scan – My mother, a few years back went to the docs and complained a frequent headaches and was given some pain killers, a few month later she went back and told the doc that when she bent over she suffer blinding pains the doc said it was her age – a couple more months go by and my mother started to black out – doc said it was her age, then she was going the change, then it was osteoporosis – a few months later the pain is so intense that my mother can hardly stand, the black outs become so bad that she can’t remember how she got somewhere etc.etc

    At the finish my father took my mother to see the docs demanded that she had a scan and after the threat of been dragged about by the throat (my father is an ex-pitman) agrees – It turned out that my mother had a tumour the size of a tennis ball that had been developing since before she first went the docs and was not even allowed to return home – straight into theatre for a 12 hour op which involve removing most of her scull

    Luckily that was 12 year ago and she is OK now – although her vision is not what it was
  • Agree to a large extent, Will - the nasty thing about brain tumours is that they can present in many different ways and the early symptoms are almost always indistinguishable from those caused by about 100 commoner, less serious conditions.

    Brain tumours are relatively rare - I've seen 7 people with brain tumours in 10 years, which is a lot for one GP, and none of these presented with headaches alone. Only one had a headache as part of her presenting symptoms at all. And, depending on where they are, brain tumoours can be huge before they cause any symptoms at all.

    On the other hand, there are several well-recognised symptoms which should trigger an urgent neurology assessment, and it sounds as if several of these (increasing headaches, signs of raised pressure inside her head, blackouts) were missed in your mother's case.

    Must confess, a brain tumour with acute swelling around it was the first thing I thought of when Angelmouse was squinting with one eye while staggering around telling me she could smell Magnums and popcorn yesterday!
  • morning all, a bit earlier than yesterday.

    I agree with Will about the headaches. My mum had the same but she got treatment too late. I still get angry about the NHS and the hit and miss way it operates.

    Anyway, Ive just treated myself to a cappucino, how many calories..

    Also my dad is down for a week, so we tend to eat out a lot, hes not veggie and starves if we dont.. I love having him down as its kind of a health farm for him, he drinks and smokes too much when hes at home , comes here looking ill and leaves in better health. Wish he would look after himself at home..

  • Scarlett1

    I’ve also just had a cappuccino (but from the machine) – it is my morning intake of caffeine and is one of those things that I don’t think I’ll bother giving up ;o)
  • Can't be any significant calories in a cappucino - just the milk (that should be mostly air if it's done right), unless you add sugar. Anyway, coffee helps prevent type 2 diabetes, according to the Lancet (no, I don't read it, V-rap mentioned it on another thread).
  • Ill stick to drinking my cappucino then....

  • Nick

    If only getting rid of 'excess' calories was a matter of cash!

  • Hi All

    At home again today but they are both running about today so it's looking good for tomorrow.

    No breakfast yet been a bit busy so I'm going to roll it in to lunch.

    Well done weight loss people.

    WW glad your Mum's OK now and Scarlett I'm sorry about your mum.

    Mr J didn't get in til 9 last night so still no running. Maybe tonight.

    Bye for now.

  • Glen's back

    Nice to see you Glenn :-)
  • How much would you be willing to "pay" to be able to eat freely and not exercise and remain the size you want to be, SR?

    Anyone ever thought about this?

    I'm a Scottish Scrooge living in the Skinflint Belt of England so I'd rather be fat than hand over cash for calories. On the other hand, staying this fit does have economic consequences - sitting at a desk brings home the beans, running doesn't!
  • Morning all

    Would I pay to get the body I want? Well it costs enough to visit the gym 3 times a week, compete in races, buy clothes running shoes etc, and more than anything to eat a healthy diet!
    However like anything in life you get much more satisfaction if you have to work for something and I'm really enjoying trying to get into shape!
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