sub or about 4h30 hopefully

I'm looking to get round in 4.30. Thought of teaming up with Runner's World 4.30 pacemaker. Anyone care to join me ?


  • loads of people i would have thought

    there is/was a thread for a sub 4:30 group, i'm sure they'll pick up again soon
  • sounds good to me too - will keep my eyes peeled for the other thread and info about the RW pacemakers.
  • Hi, i'd like to do about 4.30 too so if there is a pacing group i'll almost certainly tack onto it.

    What training runs are you doing?
    How long have you been running etc...
  • Aha! I've finally found the thread I've been longing for!
    I'm a beginner but am hoping to do FLM in 4:30 with lots of training!
    I was wondering about pacemakers. As there's bound to be a huge group of people trying to follow them, and some people will inevitably slow down and not keep up, isn't it impossible to keep track of them? Do they wear fluorescent colours so you can't miss them?
    I'm worried I'll end up following the wrong person!
  • don't worry Banana - yup they have loads of people following, but they are ultra fit and carry a big flag with "sub 4:30" raised above heads! I managed to hang on for 13 miles in 2003 - my first attempt - but gradually lost them and finished in 4:39:27 ! Was delighted tho' brill day and will be trying to hang on to sub 4:30 pacer til the finish next year IF i get in!
  • Ahh, I see. I'm not convinced I'll be able to follow them right through. I recently ran a 1/2 marathon in 2hrs 12mins but I don't know if I'll be able to keep that pace whilst doubling the distance. I'd be extremely happy with 4:39.
    You never know, I may find some speed I didn't know I had. I reckon leg strengthening exercises are the key. As I said before, I'm a beginner so am not in my full stride yet.
    I'll look forward to running with loads of people going at the same pace as me. Hope we both get in!
  • You're probably right, but I just don't have time to do anything more when I'm running lots, i.e 4/5 times week in build up to FLM

    I followed the runners world marathon training plan from mag OBSESSIVELEY! Worked for me first time round, but think I'll be slightly less obsessive this time! E.g if it said weekly total 32miles, and I'd only done say 28 - I thought that was DISASTROUS, and even though I stuck to MOST of it religously, I was extremely wound up that I'd probably fail because I'd cut the very occasional session a tiny bit short!

    That said,I think the VERY long runs are critical, and I did 2x20, 1x 22, along with 2 18s which was more than reccommended, but would again be nervous of doing much less as it worked and got me round reasonably comfortably.(ie didn't collapse over line, and actually enjoyed the last mile!!!!) Huge sacrifices re family for quite alot of Sundays!!

    The other thing I'd reccomend is to do a couple more half maras - say Autumn and Spring; can be v motivatin especially if your time improves. Also a couple of the big spriong halves have RW pacers so you can practice "hanging on in there!" Was complete beginner myself pre FLM, with just one half under my belt, so go for it!!
  • I was exactly the same whilst following the runners world 1/2 marathon training plan. I was on holiday for part of it and so bailed whilst on a couple of the runs due to the heat. It really got me down that I couldn't do what was scheduled.

    I have a training plan for the marathon but the longest run is one of 20 miles, with two 17 mile runs being the next biggest. I'm a bit concerned that one run of 20 miles is not enough practice so i think I might add a mile of two to some of the longer runs. It will give me more confidence on the day. I won't be sacrificing my family so much as my boyfriend, but he will just have to cycle with me if he doesn't like it. I already have donations/sponsors to The Prostate Cancer Charity, so i can't back out now.

    That said, do you know of any other marathons in spring in case I don't get a place for London?
  • Morning!
    Paris is also Spring, and easier to get into I believe! Don't know about UK marathons as personally I would never get round without a huge crowd and atmosphere as in London! However, if you are raising cash for the charity why not contact them and see if you can have a Gold Bond place? That way you're guaranteed! Most have minimum fund raising targets - I ran for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and their target was 1,000 pounds - not easy with training as well, but had lots of support and managed it! However, just can't run again for charity as did another huge fund raiser the year before for a China Great Wall Trek - think my friends will be crossing the street when they see me if I try to do any more charity work!!!
    Good Luck
  • Good morning, y'all. I had originally started the 'sub4 hour marathon, anybody?' thread, but due to injury, a time between 4 and 4 and a half hours is probably going to be more realistic. Still, it helps having more than one target,I suppose!
    I have a deferred place from this year, and would describe myself as a 'lapsed' runner, trying to make some sort of comeback!
    I work a lot of night duties, and struggle to fit in the training sometimes due to being constantly tired!
    I presume their will be pacers for our range of times.Does anyone know which build-up races the pacers will probably be at?
  • norm, i go between this and the sub-4 thread, too. how's your training going with parker's book? i did my first recovery run yesterday and it was pathetic. had to walk most of it to stay under my recovery ceiling.
  • happyrunning,

    I would get a charity place but I'm dead set on running for The Prostate Cancer Charity and you have to guarrantee £2000 to get a gold bond place with them, which I'm not sure I can do. I've already started fundraising for them (up to £420 at the mo) so I can't easily run for another charity.
    I've recently joined the uni x-country club who have some places and I'm told that I'm quite likely to get one, so between that and the ballot, I'm just crossing my fingers!
  • Normski, there is the Silverstone half, think they always go there, and normally one in B'ham, Manchester, don't know about London. I ran with the same pacer in 2003 at Fleet Half as the FLM. Only difference was I lost him at FLM after 13 miles, but stuck with him at Fleet and got self a pb into the bargain!!!

    Brilliant to have 420 in the bag already Bananna, good luck!
  • Hi,Lucrece. 'Parkers book'?. Not sure I know what that is! I'm just going with advice from this web-site at the moment re HRM

    Was hoping the pacers would be at the Hastings half, cos thats the one I'm aiming for,pre FLM. Silverstone would be good, but its a long way from Sussex!
  • Normski,
    I will probably be doing the Silverstone 1/2, and live in Sussex - maybe link up if you don't fancy driving. Have done it for the last two years and followed RW pacers each time - PB this year - 15 mins better than last year.

    Doing barns Green in 5 weeks and sprained my ankle today. FANTASTIC!!!
  • Hi,Smithy-boy. Sorry about the ankle. Don't do anything too hasty. Barns Green is a half that I've heard about many times over the years, but have never entered. Maybe next year!
    Your profile is empty, so I don't know whereabouts you are. Sharing the driving would be a good idea. I'll go onto the FLM website and get some info the Silverstone event.
    Feel free to email me directly if you'd rather [see profile]
  • Parker's 'Heart Rate Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot.' That's the book most of the peeps on the HRM threads are following. I ordered it from Amazon.
  • I started this thread and am having increasing doubts that I'll make it in 4.30. I've run two half-marathons recently, both in 2.21 and 2.23 respectively, having to walk in both from around mile 10 for a short while in each following mile. I'm just not getting the miles in at present : ran 46 minutes today OK and have some shorter races coming up in next few weeks. Then Stevenage Half hopefully round without walking !
  • I'm in!!! Just found out today I've got a golden bond place with Tommys the baby charity (Only £2,000 to raise!!!). I'm hoping to do sub 4.30. I managed 2:16 in a recent half and hopefully with 6 months hard training I should manage it! How come all of a sudden my legs feel like they're carrying an injury in every muscle / tendon / bone etc!! Must be the FEAR.......
  • Constant self-analysis is the bane of all marathoners, TG!!
    Paul, dont worry about your recent form being a gauge for next April. The danger in doing that is you may over-compensate in training, and put yourself back to square one when the real FLM training starts.
    I'm still logging minutes, rather than miles, but trying to focus on the fact, that April 17th is the target. Any good or bad races before then, are only a part of the journey
  • agree with above! Once "real" marathon training begins, the programmes printed in RW have good speedwork sessions to help guage progress, and also time targets for distance runs so you get more of a feel for it. Its generally a 16 week countdown, so be aware not to pick up any injuries before then!

    For what its worth, I did a 1:59:57 half the October before my full FLM in 2003, followed by 1:56 WITH rw pacer in March 2003, then FLM in 4:39:27. However, I know a number of peeps with Half mara times of around 2:15 who managed 4:30 - 4:40 in full marathon so just keep at it for now with the 4:30 as the goal!
  • That's good advice happyrunning - it's all down to the conditions on the day - including how the runner feels.

    I haev an achilles injury at the moment so haven't been out for a week and don't expect to be out running for a good 4 - 5 weeks yet but we'll see. Never say never right and it just may be ok - there's still time.
  • I agree with happyrunning. I ran 5.09 in 2002 and stepped up my training for 2003. Despite managing a 1.56 half marathon one month before, i still only managed 4.44 on the day. Disappointed,I made the REALLY big mistake of trying to get ahead of things for this years FLM and crashed and burned in January with glandular fever, resulting in inflammed heart muscle, I was told that this had happened as I had overtrained and suppressed my immunity too much.
    There are so many influencing factors on the day that can change things no matter how prepared you are. Despite all the above I would like to get sub 4.30 with my deferred entry in 2005, but I will follow the training programme and not try and be clever like last time. If thingss go right on the day and I get sub 4.30-brilliant! if not, then hey! I will still have ran 26.2 miles which is a lot more than many people ever do
  • Plenty of time Lo Hump !

    Billie, I remember your posts pre 2003 FLM! I'd be delighted to get sub 4:30 this time, IF I get in, but totally agree, to complete it is such a great feeling that as long as I get to the finish line I'll be very happy! Anything can happen on the day!

    Have since got a half mara pb of 1:52, but that was with lots of hard work and finding it impossible to keep up the level of training required to maintain that. Doing half at end October, and expecting 1:55 ish which with current training levels would be delighted with!
  • happyrunning, I too remember your posts back then- you always give sound advice
    Havent been on the threads at all until a couple of weeks ago. Couldnt bear to read them around the time of FLM this year.
    To be honest I never thought I'd be given the all clear to run again

    Lo Hump- dont lose heart, and as you say "never say never" I have learned that this year

    Normski- how right you are about self analysis!!

    Started back running in July, ran a 10k PB of 51.37 2 weeks ago and completed the great north half marathon with my husband on sunday in 1.58 ( too many bodies to dodge past).
    I'd love to sneak in under 1.50 for half marathon and 4.30 for a marathon. I am taking things sensibly and slowly,
    I know its easy to say " I am happy to get round a marathon" but I think secretly we all have secret goals we want to achieve. I guess its just learning to accept it and not be too disappointed if we dont always reach them.
    26.2 miles is unknown territory for a lot of people, and when considering times for FLM 2005 its far to early to gauge an expected finishing time. There are a lot of miles to be run between now and then. Personally I feel its not until you start increasing the long runs to 16 , 18 miles plus, that you can even begin to understand how it'll feel on the day
  • Hi, london will be my first marathon and im aiming for sub 4.30 or somewhere around there. is that a bit too ambitious if ive been running for about a year but not done more than 10k yet? any advice on increasing my mileage without getting injured?
  • Cat, I'd just say stick to the RW prog for the target time, and don't start too soon. try for a late Autumn half if you can, following a prog for that, then if you get in pick up FLM training prog from there - Its usually 16 wk countdown, so with it being slightly later in April this time I think that may even allow for enjoying Christmas and New Year to the full!!

    Billie, same goals, v similair times, I too dream of 1:49:59 half (!), but can't get rid of those last 2 mins!! Broke my arm recently so training is less than should be for Autumn half so only expecting to get round under 2 hrs this time!
  • Hello peeps, thank you for the encouragement - I find it really helps when having those 'why me' days!!

    It's great reading about other peoples experiences and feelings about their marathons. I ran my first (and only to date) marathon in 2003 - FLM. I set a time of 4.30 - 5 hours but it took me 6 in the end. I had a calf injury 6 weeks prior to the day and didn't get any training in at all. On the morning of the FLM I had managed to get a chest infection so a large part of the race was walking! Still - I raised £1700 for charity and it was still a pb.

    This time i aim to do it properly and as soon as this injury is healed i'm gonna get back out there and train. Hopefully i'll get round quicker than 6 hours!!!

    Billie - you're an inspiration, thanks for sharing your story.

    Happy - keep posting that sound advice Billie mentioned - it really helps.

    Have a good day all
  • thanks for the advice happy running, its good to know i can probably achieve my target, and there are people out there who have done it before and can help!
  • yikes! I know nothing really! I need to give myself some advice as am v stressed about not fitting a long run in this week! Exhausted and busy!

    Just did 6 miles, but haven't got time for the 12 I wanted to do!
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