sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Aaaahhh Mmwwwahhh,a belated happy birthday Bananna and I sending you lots of cyber ((((((Bananna)))))) and XXXXXXX. You kept that quiet didn't you. There's thread over 300 messages long which I started called "When's your birthday" and I'll add you name to it. You share it was two others.Any way get well soon.
  • Morning all, happy belated birthday Banana - hope you feel better today?

    Chris, injuries definitely holding me back - beginning to wonder why i'm even thinking about FLM - hoping to start the Hal Higdon plan this week but will probably have to start with just walking to try to strengthen my calves a bit - at least it'll be time on my feet even if not jogging! bah humbug. Glad to see you're still going strong though - well done and keep it up.

    Must dash - it's been so hectic at work that I just don't have time to forum lately - happy training all - will pop in again in a few days hopefully.

  • Thanks stylish and jingle hump. I'm much better today, still got a cough but I'm going to do my "long" run of 2 miles that I couldn't do yesterday.

    Might do some xmas shopping too...
  • Latest from me : Turkey Trot 1/2 marathon yesterday was interesting ! Must have done the first 10 miles too quickly since I was heading for the best time in a decade ! Got a stitch at 9 miles but ran through it but the hill just before 11 miles got me : had to walk it and both subsequent hills, bringing my time down to "normal" levels for me - but still managed a Season's Best in 2.07.30 (approx)! An achievement, even if not achieved in conventional manner !
  • Well done,Paul. I also belong to the 'Run until your eye-balls are about to jump out, and then hang on until the end' school of running! Pace judgement was never my thang!
  • Thanks Trinirunner.

    I'm following the beginner's plan. Now on week 7. Running 5 days per week. It moves onto a 4 hour long run in week 20. So far so good.
  • Well done Paul. You don't need to be great at pacing when there are RW pacers to guide you in the real thing!
  • Thought I better post to stop the thread slipping down the pages!
    Not much news, did a 10min jog today and got very muddy after deciding to abandon the treadmill for a change!
  • Hi Bananna, ive only ever been on a treadmill once, last saturday at the run 4 it shop in aberdeen, i found it very hard to run on, i know you must get use to it after a time,but i think i will stick with the paths, i was out for 1 hour tonight, cold and very windy here,
  • Morning all,

    Good to see you're all still at it.

    Well, I started my Hal Higdon training this week. Have to walk it at the moment but I figure it's still time on my feet and that's important. Suppsoed to do 6 miles tomorrow so think I might get to the gym and use the treadie so that I can combine run / jog - may as well test my calves and achilles a bit now that i've walked for three days.

    Torrential rain here today so i'm glad it's a rest day!

    Happy weekend all and i'll try to pop in and see how you're all doing soon.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Hello all,

    I've now officially got my place (running for Crisis) and now comes the hard part! I'm hoping to do 4.30, but at the moment am injured. Saw physio this morn and after several distubring cracks of the spine, she thinks I can be back up and running next week.

    Only 17 weeks to go!!
  • Hi all,

    Hows the training going? Got my long run up to 10 miles but using the heart monitor so very slow. Usually save this for Sundays but I'll be travelling on Boxing Day so I'll try and do 10 miles one evening this week - well thats the plan as I sit in my nice warm office. Might not happen though.

    Getting new trainers for Christmas - hope they go faster than my old ones.
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    Hi everybody

    I have just won a place in the FLM in our club ballot so am cock-a-hoop at the moment. I am hoping for a sub 4:30 but really have no idea how my body will cope with 26 miles, guess time will tell. I have done a couple of marathon distance fell walks which were great but think the streets of London will be totally different!!? Currently running around 20 miles per week at about a 9.5 mile pace so it's really the distance I need to work at!!

    When is the Silverstone run, that should be good.
  • YIKES!!!

    And I didn't get a club place but have accepted one with Whizz kidz!

    Might as well TRY and plug my web page here! I know everyone has their own favourite charities, but if anyone can relate to this one I'd really really appreciate the help. More details on:

    Meanwhile - training?! Well I've begun carbo loading anyway!! Rest will have to wait til after festivities, but am skiing Week 1 of Schedule so will pick up at week 2!!

    Happy Christmas everyone!
  • Or - you can always give through my JustGiving website.
  • Hi guys...finally managed to secure a place through club draw! So now back on target for a 4.30 finish ---- I hope!
  • Well i didn't get a place with the charity I wanted and yet they are still advertising places available on this website. I really wanted to run for children with leaukaemia, they were fantastic with martin last year and even he hasn't got a place with them, even though they said he would as he rang off his own place last year!! Its all a big con, I'm off to run Edingburgh I think!!!
  • RC...there are still other charity places available if you really want to a place. It is hard work raising all that money though so you need to be sure.

    Good luck whatever you decide, I was keen to do Paris if I was not successful in the club draw.
  • RC I ran with Children With Leukaemia last year and have been lucky enough to get a place with them this year too. I rang yesterday as I was hoping to run with a friend but he hasn't got in yet! They have been well over subscribed this year as so many have been disappointed through the ballot. They are doing another trawl in January in case people have returned their places so you might have to wait until then to know for definite
  • I've been lucky to get a club place too. Three marathons to date Taunton 2003 4:58 and 2004 4:37 and Abingdon 2003 4:34. Having been injured most of year since Taunton this is a timely boost - i.m hoping for 4:30, Happy Running - good to see you back on the forums again.
  • Hey everyone,
    Just got my letter today to say I have a place with the prostate cancer charity. 2000 to raise-yikes!
    And as other people have, may as well plug my wesite

    Not that it should influence you, but I probably have more to raise than others so.....get out your wallets!

    Only joking, I think it'll be a doddle.

    The training on other hand....
    Doing 4 miles today and really looking forward to it.

    Merry Xmas everyone!
  • Ran 83 minutes today - probably around 8 miles. Surprisingly comfortable even with the wind in my face all the way back !

    Congrats to all those with places so far.
  • Undulating- keep dipping in but its a bit time consuming!! Congrats on yr club place - was really pleased for you. Anyway done ZERO training - Christmas takes over! Will start in January!!

    Happy Christmas
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
  • I have training plans coming out of my ears!! This will be my 3rd FLM but I want improve my training schedule. Who is using what? I can't find a schedule on the RW site.
  • Hey,Dips. How ya doin'? Im following the 'ultimate' sub 4.30 schedule from this website. All going well, except Im finding it easier than expected to do the longer runs, ie running all of each one rather than run/walk.
  • Hi Everyone,
    hope you all had a great christmas. Must say, I found it REALLY hard not going for a run for 2 days over christmas day and boxing day whilst at relatives. Christmas day was the worst. I just wanted to get out and run. Felt bloated and sluggish all day. Everyone just sat round eating and drining. Other years I would have enjoyed a couple days like this, but think I'm a bit addicted to this running lark and find that a run really helps me to feel energetic and stops my stomach feeling bloated. Really enjoyed my 12 mile LSR yesterday- felt great. Having "rest day" today.
  • N, I have trawled this site looking for the schedule and got no where. Now have a jumble of 3 others! I just need something to steer me towards some goals, more so in terms of the distance for the long run. I like the Hal Higdon one but the LSD run doesn't really fit in with my commitments for the next few weeks. I suppose I could jumble the distance up a bit.
  • PS.....
    Found it!! Mucked up already though should have been a rest day, not a 9 mile gut wrencher!!!!

    Now I have four schedules!
  • What I tend to do is list the required runs each week in my training diary, and then fit them around work/home stuff.The exceptionis pre-race weeks, when I try to do the runs in order
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