sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • It will be my first marathon and I'm hoping for around 4.15 - I'm already proud of myself!!
  • Hi
    Finally got my new orthotic insoles today and did 3 miles on the treadmill in them. They're pretty comfortable so I hope they should sort out my knee troubles for good now.
    Hope everyone's training is going well.
  • Apologies if this is covered elsewhere - haven't managed to read all 16 pages!

    I know that realistically I am not able to follow the schedules, I find them too prescriptive. My plan is to run to work 3 times a week (about 1.5 hours) and do a long run on the weekend, starting at 2 hours builiding up to 4 hours 3 weeks before FLM. I also play lacrosse twice a week.

    I'd be thrilled to do it in 4:30 - does this sound realistic or is it too much / too little?
  • Hi Jayne Jones2,

    Did you do the Stevenage half as your first half ? Thought I remembered you from that thread ? My first marathon too. I'm following the RW sub 4.30 but just getting round alive will do me ! I managed the Stevenage half in 2.17 and overtook 2 young blokes just before the line - worth it just for that ! How's your training going ?

  • Hi,all. From description of your current training,LB, you shouldnt find sub 4.30 too much trouble. Just dont forget to have easy weeks. Are your runs to work at the same pace? To add variety and build speed aswell as endurance, you could introduce the odd bit of speedwork. Sprint two lamp-posts,jog one,sprint two, jog one - that sort of thing
  • Hi shuffler
    Nope! No 1/2 to dates - Training is going well, I have followed the schedules for three weeks so far and have got myself in for 10k in feb and 1/2 in March - Reading. I need to get racing I think to get times etc. but am happy for now with my performance! And yours?
  • Linda I think it sounds good but then it will be my first marathon! Good Luck with it all
  • Good Morning folks just popped in to wish everyone a Happy New Year and an injury free path to the start line.I'm still having problems with my orthotics and went to the pody before X-Mas and we decided to take them out.I've been running without them but this gives me problems with my left hip.I'm going to try a few variations with the orthotics but feel that it's a bit late in the day for all this messing about. Unfortunately I got made redundant four days before X-Mas and my pody was near where I worked. I don't really want to go that far to see him, but if I use someone else it will be like starting from scratch again.As you can appreciate I have other things on mind at the moment but will try and pop in as and when I can.

    All the best.
  • All the very best to you to, Stylish. Take care. See you soon
  • I hope things improve on the work front Stylish. I have been made redundant once before and there is now rumour of redundancies at my current work place. So I appreciate how stressful it is.

    Good luck with your training though, sometimes running helps forget the problems of the world for a while or at least get them into an orderly fashion.
  • Same from me guys - happy new year to all of you, and good luck for the next 3 month's training!


    Jon (just back from a 5 mile plod, getting strange looks from people carrying booze to their destinations...!)
  • Apparently there its the night for parties PJ!!! Strange custom!
  • Hope everything work's out ok for you Stylish, with work and orthotics!
    I actually have a question about my new orthotics. Having abandoned the orthotist's advice to take it easy in them for the first 10 days, I did 3 miles wednesday and 2 miles yesterday. Now I have a very faint ache on the insides of my knees (due to over-pronating, I used to get pain on the outsides of my knees) and the left insole feels as if it may be too big in the arch.
    Could it be (please!) that I've just over-done it, too much too quickly, or is it more likely that they are in fact giving me too much support and I'm going to be looking at another £200 to get it put right?
    All opinions welcome.
  • Hi Bananna,you do need to get used to the orthotics gradually so don't over do it. Initially you will get new aches and pains as your joints will be in slightly "new" positions due to the support given by the orthotics. Hence the reason to take it easy. Try just walking in then for a few miles instead of running.If they are still uncomfortable go back to the pody and he should be able to adjust them and he should charge for this. Unfortunately it is all trial and error.
  • "They" always say that runners always talk about their injuries : wish you all quick recovery ! - and a Happy New Year as well.

    Apart from a niggle in the left Achilles tendon and a pain around my right kidney, everything seems to be going OK : did about 6 miles yesterday comfortably.

    Will go for a longer run tomorrow probably
  • Happy New Year out for a nice pacy 4 miler before it starts to rain.
  • Happy New Year all. I did 10 mins this morning and iced for 15mins. Fingers crossed all feels ok. I NEED to get back running again!!!!
  • First long one of the year!!!

    Approx 12 miles slogging over the Downs. Glorious morning though even if it was a little breezy. Feel smug now...but tired!
    It will get easier!
    It will!
    It will!
  • Ditto the above,Dips. CC and I did the Widewater to Goring Gap Cafe and back run this morning. Breezy going out, but nice coming back! Approx 12-12.5
  • Evening all and Happy New Year (better late than never eh?)

    I did a 5 miler yesterday and actually managed to run it all - excellent! Catch you all later in the week so have a good week all.
  • A quick Hello and introduction to All from a new member. Managed to get a Golden bond (charity) place for the FLM which will be my first marathon. Started running last summer and did the Liverpool 10K (about 0:53) and the Llandudno 10M (1:23 ish). Looking at the various predictors I should be aiming at around 4:20 but I've never run further than about 12 miles so it's all new territory. Signed up for the weekly email training plan so I'll be aiming to follow the sub 4:30 schedule. Good cheer to All!
  • Have been following the 'ultimate' sub 4.30 plan from this website for a while, and repeated the first month a couple of times. Target 10k this coming weekend. Chomping at the bit to get into the plan proper.Past times and plans are similar to yours,Filippo
  • Hi, i am not doing FLM on 17 April but am running another marathon on 13 April and training for sub 4:30, so hope it's ok to use this thread.
  • Successful run this morning, 3 miles and only slight niggles in my knee for the first 1/2 a mile. It felt a bit strange for my fitness to be the limiting factor in my running, as its been my knees for so long. Pleasantly surprised.
    Hi Cait, what marathon are you doing?
  • Hi Bananna. I'm doing a marathon at the North Pole - really looking forward to it.

    I did FLM 2 years ago and was training for it last year again but had to drop out 3 weeks before due to injury. It's a really great marathon to do and the spectators gets you through the tough bits - however, I don't think there will be too many spectators at the North Pole!!!
  • Bananna - just read your posting about orthotics. When i got my new orthotics, they also felt like the arches were too high for me and gave me a few niggles and blisters. I thought they weren't right for me but it just took time to get used to them. When i run in them now, i don't even feel like i'm wearing any
  • Cait-My knee pain has improved dramatically over the last few runs, virtually zero pain today on a steady 2-miler. However, I am getting the most almighty blisters! I hope, like you, I'll grow out of it. It's pretty painful at the mo but I'm running through it nonetheless.

    I have the utmost respect for you for doing a marathon at the north pole, not sure I'd ever be that brave. Hope your training is going well. What sort of schedule are you following?
  • Hi Bananna, I'm following one of the schedules the organisers recommended. However, it is basically similar to a sub 4:30 schedule. It unlikely i will finish under 4:30 though as the conditions at the pole will be extreme and everything depends on the day. The winner last year ran 3:43 and the winner the year before ran 5:02 - i think in normal marathons they can run under 2:30. I will also have to wear snow shoes over my running shoes (which are similar to tennis rackets).

    i am experiencing shin splints at the minute - well i hope it's that and nothing more serious. I didnt have time to stretch or ice last night after my run and am raging with myself as it now worse today, and i've a 10-miler tomorrow to do.

    The things we do for so called enjoyment....
  • Hello to you all and a happy new year of running and good health.
    I am hoping to run under 4 and a half hours at Paris in April-a week before FLM.
    Anyone doing Paris as well?
    Unfortunately, due to work schedule and a distinct lack of friends and family who run, I am having to train pretty much on my own. Will appreciate contact with anyone in the North London area for the occasional 'buddy' run.

    Happy Running!
  • Bananna - I have had orthotics for around 6 months - mine are 3/4 length and I find I have trouble at the uncovered end where I have no protection as I have taken the insole out. This results in my toes and balls of my feet aching throughout my run. Are yours the same, did you have any advice from podiatrist on this - I have tried wearing a boots comfort insole to no avail.

    I will appreciate anyones advice - as I can not step up the mileage at present
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