sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • slowlegs/Kieran - i went to a chiropractor and had x-rays done also regarding my overpronation. Like slowlegs, mines also comes from my hip. one of my hip boes is sitting lower than the other basically and this causes it.

    he also told me if you overpronate and it coming from your hip, you should never cross your legs when you sit, as it displaces your hip and can add t the problem (or something like that).
  • Cait, this is either an incredible coincidence or a very common problem (probably common problem) but that is what it is with my hip, it basically stems from one leg longer than the other (most people's legs are different legs but mine is more significant!) Fortunately, you can't tell! I'll have to stop crossing my legs!
  • Afternon,Peeps.
    Advice needed - I've beenfollowing the 'ultimate' sub 4.30 schedule from RW.Example of 'problem' is this; Long run this week is 12 miles (approx. 2 hrs 5 mins.) run/walk.
    Because Im able at the moment to run the whole thing, the time allowed is too much( ie. today I ran 11 miles in 95 mins) I'm keen to stick with the schedule, but should I aim for the miles,or time quoted?
  • I'd go for the miles : more beneficial than the speed at this stage - but what do I know ?
  • Hello all you sub 4.30s! Can I join your club?

    Have got a charity place for the FLM and its my first time. I've been running regularly for a couple of years and my pb half time is 2.01 but that was a while ago. Average pace on short runs 5miles and under is 8.30-9mm but on longer runs it's more likely 10.

    Having never run further than 13 miles am i being overoptimistic thinking i can do my first marathon in 4.30???!!!!

    Also - what mileage should my weekly long run be at this stage in the training???

    Advice - bring it on!!!
  • N, when I went on the Trailplus weekend last year, they based the training on time. IE hours on feet.

    You should adjust your running pace to suit the time. The long runs are all about endurance and getting used to running for a long period of time. I woudl suggest your 11miler was a faster pace than a LSD should be.

  • I totally agree with Dips here, because I went on the same camp. Don't try to improve your fitness on long runs, like she says, they're about muscular endurance, save fitness-improving for the speedier sessions.

    Pansie, I would seriously recommend that you buy the latest runners world magazine which an absolutely fantastic program for beginners or you might want to follow the improvers one. That'll tell you all you need to know. I'm following the beginners one and have a long run of 75 mins this weekend. It's all done by times and heart rates which is the best way, don't worry about how many miles you're doing. I think you should be able to do 4:30 based on your half-marathon time.
  • I understand what you're saying about LSD,Dips, but the speed I go at doesn't appear to be taxing too much. I do most of my long runs with CC, and we go at 'conversation pace',apart from when we cut across the airport then its eyes down and get on with it! Time on feet does make sense,I suppose,because in this particular schedule they've obviously built in walking time.
    Just on the off-chance, does anyone know how far it is around the perimeter of Hyde Park in London?
  • shouldn't be taxing u anyway. Just do as u're told!!!! ;-)

    LSD's should be slower than yr marathon pace.

    There is some good info in this months RW mag, describing paces etc.
  • You tell him Dips! Hope your interval session went well today.

    Did my 90mins brisk walk today. Was a bit confused as to why it was in the scedule before hand but by the end I'd realised it was for muscular endurance!
    It was actually very useful because I got to explore different places I don't go when I run and I've got a great new route for my long runs now.

    I'm off to see Cinderella On Ice tonight. Some mates at college decided we needed a girly night. Hopefully we'll be able to see the rink from our cheap seats!

  • Bananna, I went to the gym today instead. Did my 2x20 mins cross training. I have been have knee/IT band problems so eased off the interval session.

    Bought new shoes so hoping that will help my knee.

    Brisk walk sounds a nice idea. Enjoy the Cinderella.
  • Hi All,
    Followed my 90min walk on saturday with a 75min long run on sunday. It was incredibly easy. I just plodded along at 65% WHR and then did 10mins marathon pace towards the end which was also very comfortable. Although it was absolutely freezing outside and I didn't take my gloves! Really looking forward to this week's training, though I think I might retreat to the gym to use the treadmill rather than braving the cold.

    Dips, hope your knee/ITB problems clear up soon. I've had the odd little niggle in my knees occasionally but fortunately it hasn't been anything that's stopped me running. I get it when I run on uneven ground, so I'm avoiding that as much as possible.
  • Good for you banana! Glad it went well! I had a similar success! Have been struggling with my Sunday runs, but yesterday did 90 mins with no real problems, I walked for five minutes after an hour but was all good. I don't even feel to bad today which is shocking although I was shattered last night!

    Just looking for a podiatrist and a sport masseuse (???) near me, so i can ease the aching a bit and I'll be sorted!

    It is such a great feeling when you do achieve your goals, I guess it's hard to explain to a non-runner, my house mates certainly didn't appreciate it! have a good one everyone!
  • hi - didnt do a long run yesterday because of my bad shin splints. Only had to do an 8-miler so not too worried about it. I did 60mins cycling instead and heading to the gym tonight to do indoor cycling to keep my fitness leels up.

    Normski - maybe if you're finding you are able to run the sub 4:30 mileage at a much quicker time than in the schedule, you should consider moving up to sub 4:00 or even a sub 4:15 schedule.
  • Dear All,

    Hi, it's been a few weeks since I've posted and I've fallen badly off my schedule. Last week I only managed a six mile run (yesterday) eek! So this week I desperately need to get back on track.

    I'm doing my best to set aside serious time, and I'll keep checking in here to try and maintain that guilt feeling!

    Out of interest, what's everyone managing six miles in? I ran the FLM in 1998 and managed my six mile run in 43 minutes, it now takes me 66 minutes. ;-(

  • I'm in a similar situation. I did a 10K yesterday which should have been dead easy by now - and only did 55.54 which is slow for me. I'm blaming the cold and having given blood the previous week !

    I did a 19 minute run this morning but will try to get back to longer runs after Thursday.
  • I'm only up to 6m in my long run(yesterday) too, after battling injury the past few months - and last year I deferred from injury too!!! It is nice to hear everyone is doing so well, I'm preparing myself to walk some of it, as feel time is running out already to get a 20 in before the day.
  • Did 13.2 miles yesterday for my long run which i'm quite pleased with. But as I was running with a friend who's slower than me we 11min miled it all the way. Will this hamper my 4.30 time if I run with a friend slower than me - or is it good to be doing some comfortable long runs?? And cor blimey - only 12 weeks to double this distance, now i'm getting scared!!!!

    As for 6 miles - dunno - probably around 54mins?! If 55:54 is slow what do you usually do 10k in Paul??

  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Hi Guys and big (((((( Bananna))))) for keeping an eye out for me.Thanks.
    On the job front had one interview last friday and waiting to hear how that went. today I was at the job centre :0(

    I've done away with the orthotics and am better for it, the training is going ok.I'm having an easy week this week and then building up the week after.My dad is going to have a by-pass operation between now and FLM so I think I will lose some running time then.

    PA- re the time for 6 miles I don't think you should worry unduly about how long it took as the marathon is a completly different story.

    CM - similarly you are now 7 years older and your training may not be as good as then. Don't worry.

    Dips are you doing lots of stretching for that ITB?

    Good runninng everyone and don't forget your gloves and thermals when you go out cause it's brass monkeys.
  • Hi everyone I did 11 miles yesterday and I was knackered last night and for most of today.

    Don't know how I'm going to be in a few weeks when the mileage get up further!!!!!
  • Stylish...I aim to be a good stretcher...never quite get there! ;-(

    I do have new shoes now though and have been physioed with Sports Massage booked for tomorrow.

    Managed 12.3 with the training group yesterday. Hedious run though, too much mud and windy.
  • Hi
    All not posted for last two weeks as I have been injured and naffed off. Physio says I have ligament damage in my foot but has told me to do some light training over next two weeks as I have also had my orthotics changed.

    Very jealous of you 90 minute runners bit hope to be joining you soon - roll on Feb
  • Cait, I don't know whether you remember but I think we may have similar problems re shin splints (but mine has resolved a lot) - you mentioned about cycling at the gym, have you ever tried spinning? I found this a fantastic way to keep up my aerobic fitness when I couldn't run. It is certainly the closest I've come to the feeling of having had a hard run - although I suppose it does depend on who takes the class!
  • Pansie, I'm following (well trying to anyway) Hal Higden's marathon schedule. It's quite interesting really as there are no speed runs for the intermediate I that I'm doing. I know you were asking whether 11 minute miling was too slow, well, according to Hal that's exactly what you should be doing. According to him you should be running around 45-90 seconds slower in your long runs than your marathon pace! I struggle with this as I can't quite believe that can be the case. Yesterday I did 7 miles at 9.45 and today really struggled to do 14 at 10.30. I'm hoping the cold bath I had helped! Perhaps other people can back up Hal Higden's views on the pace of the long slow run?
  • Slowlegs, if you look back a page or two, Dips has been saying that long runs should be nice and slow. And I whole-heartedly agree. Imagine them as endurance runs rather than lung-bursting fitness runs.

    Stylish, fingers crossed for that job. Hope your Dad's operation goes well too. Recovery weeks are a benefit to your training schedule. You should have one every 4 weeks or something. So don't worry about that, you can build it in no probs.

    Pansie, I wish I had a running partner to slow me down! As it is I have to look at my HRM every 5 seconds to check I haven't sped up to normal steady run pace.

    Can't remember who said it now (sorry) but I don't think anyone needs to worry about the length of their longest run. If you plod about 3 hours that should be fine. 17/18 miles is apparently ideal for a longest run (again this is the marathon trail camp's advice).
  • Bananna, thanks for that, I just find it difficult to stick to. I think that's the good thing about the Hal Higden plan, running about 7 miles at pace the day before the long run. He claims this tires you out a little so you can't run faster even if you want to! It certainly worked for me today!
  • I usually do my Treshold session on a Saturday and then my long run on Sunday. As recommended by Keith Anderson, so there is truth in the theory.

  • Well, I actually feel okay today after my mammoth 2 days run (7 on Sunday and 14 yesterday). It could be down to the cold bath I had afterwards! I think I'm going to have to accept that I'll have to have one after every long run. Certainly, my legs are hardly stiff at all where usually I would be struggling especially the morning after.
  • I'm in admiration at all of you who are following training schedules.

    I find that I just can't (won't ?) do it.

    My running week means that I don't run at all on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
    Thursdays is therefore a short run - to get going again.
    Friday's distance depends on whether I have a race on Sunday - as does Saturday training.
    Mondays I'm usually too tired after the race !
    If no race, I try to get at least one longer run in at the weekend.
    So all I seem to be doing are gentle short runs and - gentle long runs !
    I'm going to try to start using my Heart Monitor to get some threshold/tempo runs in.
    Ah well !
  • slowlegs - think I'll go to a spinning class and give it a try if I can find a local one tonight.

    I am going to start back at running tomorrow again as well to see how it goes with the shins.
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